I'm part of the Community-Credit.com Hall of Fame

Ok, so I just saw that I had an email from Community-Credit.com.  I am named to the Community-Credit Hall of Fame.  Wow, Thanks to David Silverlight, Joe Healy, and Russ Fustino for naming me.  Here is the official announcement.

Wally McClure named as our newest Hall of Famer

You may know him from his Podcasts. You may know him from his "Get more Wally in your life" T-Shirt. You may even know him from his various speaking engagements, some of which he has driven over 600 miles to speak at, all as part of a volunteer effort. Well, now you will now know him as the latest member of the Community Credit Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Wally!!! For the last several years, he has been contributing to the development community through books, user group meetings, CodeCamps, Podcasts and numerous other ways. This type of effort has always been strictly for the good of the development community so we are happy to recognize his efforts and contributions as our latest Community Credit Hall of Famer.


What rights do I get with this?  According to the site, I get the following rights.

What do Hall of Famers recieve?

The Hall of Famer Designation includes the following priceless benefits: Prestige... Bragging rights....A Stupid Gift.... A plaque to hang on their wall...A very cool "Hall of Famer" logo showing that they are in the hall of fame.


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