Calendar Control in ASP.NET

I have been using the Calendar control for a long time, but I always seem to be initializing it to a value like today, yesterday, or tomorrow.  The other day, I had to initialize it to a value from a year and a half ago and the calendar control continued to show today's month with now date selected.  I thought that was pretty odd.  I began to search through and find that there is a property of the control that is called .VisibleDate which sets the date that is shown to the user, which is different that the .SelectedDate property.  That is very cool and very well thought out, though it was confusing for a few minutes.  I can make other months visible and keep the selecteddate of the control. 



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  • any help with years?

    I am baffled that this control only allow you to scroll to previous/next month... if you want to see a date 10 year later you've to scroll the "month" 120 times! That's plan stupid to me.

    Anybody can help?

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