Sick again

Hi folks.  I have been under the weather too much this year and I am sick once again.  This is the sixth time i have been sick since January 1.  Accept for about a 5 week window, I have been nothing but sick, sick, sick this year.  I have been to the doctor and I feel better for a week or two and then bang, I am sick again.  I went again yesterday.  They drew blood so we might see what is going on. 

This is being sick crap is out of control.   It has already cost me a client because they think I am "uninterested or bored" with work for them.  This being sick crap has cut too far into my pocket book.



  • We feel bad for ya, that's a tough one. But really, what's the point of posting this? What audience does it matter to? I'm not sure how this is helpful or useful to either .NET developers or consultants, but it takes up space in the aggregate feed just the same.

  • Hey Eli, stop wasting the SQL Server Space ;)

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