Full-Text Search with Yukon

While I as sitting here fiddling with things this evening, I decided to do a little test to see just how well full-text search worked in Yukon.  Man, I was blown away.  Granted I don't have millions of rows in my table to search through, but I do have a system with about 70,000 rows setup for full-text search and am adding them at the rate of about 40 URLs per minute (hey I am bandwidth constrained at my office).  I decided to do a full-text lookup for 'President Bush' on the Yukon database while simultaneously runing the spider and having already setup a full-text index in Yukon.  In just a few seconds, I got about 200 rows back.  Doing this same test on my other system that is running Sql Server 2000 and is taking hours to build the full-text index resulted in a query that took several orders of magnitude longer to search a table with about 700,000 rows in it.  Now, I realize that this is not a fair comparison for several reasons.  Once the full-text index is built on my Sql Server 2000 system, I am going to run a comparison.  No, I am not going to post the complete results.

Here is the sql statement I ran:

select * from tblSearchResults where contains(SearchText, '"President Bush"')

Full-text search with Yukon.


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