Intel 64-bit processing

As a followup to my post about Intel's x64 bit x86 plans, has posted an article about an upcoming Intel demo.

Why am I so interested in this stuff?  Well, before I turned to software, I was very interested in the design and development of chips at the transistor level.  I have a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, where I specialized in micro-electronics, VLSI design, and digital signal processing. 

I was talking with Codeboy this afternoon about this bit (no pun intended) of news.  The thing that a lot of these companies miss when they attempt to drive a new CPU into the marketplace is that they really need high volume acceptance.  To get that,  they have to go after the whitebox style crowd and they have to have applications that run on those systems (Windows, Office, and Development tools).  I have watched PowerPC, Alpha, MIPS, and now IA64 make that same mistake.  Oh well, what's a few billion here and there.........................


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