IIS7 on Vista


I tend to agree with Paschal on this one.  I think that IIS7 is a really cool technology.  I wish it was availabe stand alone and could be installed on Windows 2003 Server.  The problem is that my customers are slow to change.  I am only now starting to see rollouts of Windows 2003.  Assuming that Windows Vista Server comes out in 2007, and that is by no means guaranteed, then it will likely be 2010 before I see any customer rollouts of the technology to where I can use it.

I also realize that there are numerous business decisions that factor into this.



  • Dan disagree totally. IIS 7 is not just a fancy new UI. It's the first version to integrate fully .NET and I don't understand the marketing ploy to push everybody to Vista Server to get it. As Wallym said my servers will b under Windows 2000 and 2003 for more years to come!

  • I don't get the customers that run out to use the latest technology. For example, Windows 2003 was released in March/April of 2003. The first customer that we had that rolled Windows 2003 Server into production did it in April of 2006. Thats a long time. I see Vista Server as having the same slow uptake.

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