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  • Twitter API - Submit a post in C#

    I used C# and WCF, but I could have just as easily used an ASMX web service.  This code is fairly simple.  No I didn't write it initially.  I found it online (Hey, we all have to start somewhere).  I massaged it a little to fit my needs and boom, here it is.  I have decided to leave the comments for the original code sample in the post.  Note: This code will not run as listed.  You have to have a password.  This code has that as a shared variable, but I'm not showing that to you, seriously.  I hope that this is of some help to you.

  • Why am I writing against the Twitter API directly?

    Yeah, so some of my friends asked me why I am not using a twitter library instead of calling the api directly.  Yeah, I'm wondering that to.  Seriously, the reason why I am doing that is that .net libraries to call out to twitter that I tried under VS 2008, did not work with Windows Azure. These libraries seemed to generate a security exception.  Given azure's security requirements being a little more than regular, I decided to just drop the search for a library and make my calls on my own.  Not sure if its a good decision or not, but its what I did.

  • Calling the Twitter API in C#

    I've been working on this application to send out tweets at a particular time.  One thing thing I want to do is be able to look at the logged in user's timeline.  I've been playing with the ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX Previews, so I thought I would marry the two.  As a result, I wrote the WCF code below in C#.  Note that the password is hidden, so the code won't work until you add that in.  Basically, I make a request to get the friends timeline.  This gives me the most recent 20 posts by default. I store the result in an XmlDocument.  I need to get that data out as a complex object of type UserStatusSvc as I am returning an array of that type.  I used Linq to Xml for that.