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  • Microsoft Zune Media Player - First Impressions

    My absolute first impression of the Microsoft Zune Media Player is that Microsoft has done a good job with the interface.  I am finding it simpler to use than my IPod Video video and it runs the video files for the podcast in the wmv format.  Guess what, the ASP.NET Podcast distributes the files as wmv and mp4 formats.  The only reason they are distributed as mp4 is because of the IPod.  I have to go thru several steps to get the format correct for the IPod.  With the Zune, I just download them and they are converted for me on the fly.  This is much simpler.  The one thing that I have not seen is the support for reading directly from a podcast feed.  Since this is a generation 1 product, my guess is that will be added sometime in the future.