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  • ASP.NET Podcast Show #149 - MonoDroid Development on the Apple Macintosh OSX

    Given that I have a cast on my arm, I installed the MonoDroid Development Framework for Apple Macs today.  I walked through it and found that things are pretty much the same as with the MonoDroid plugin for Visual Studio 2010.  This post shows the video displaying this.  This video is based on MonoDroid Preview 11.1.

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  • Developing for the Apple iPad in .NET

    If you are in the technology field, or within the listening range of modern media, you've heard of the Apple iPad.  The fact that it runs an updated version of the Apple iPhone OS is a big plus if you are looking to do development on the platform.  I've already received a bunch of emails about this, so I wanted to share what you can do to do develop on the platform right now.

  • UIPicker in the iPhone with MonoTouch


    The UIPicker is visually different than the drop down listbox that most .NET developers are familiar, however, it is designed to perform the same type of function.  It allows users to select from a fixed set of data isntead of typing in data in a text box.  Programming with it is fairly simple.  Inherit from the UIPickerViewModel class and then bind the data.

    Here's the class:

    using System;

    using MonoTouch;

    using MonoTouch.UIKit;

    using MonoTouch.Foundation;


    namespace OpenUrl




    public class ProtocolData : UIPickerViewModel



    public static string[] protocols = new string[]


    "http://", "tel:","", "sms:",



    public string[] protocolNames = new string[]


    "Web", "Phone Call", "Google Maps", "SMS", "Email"    


    AppDelegate ad;

    public ProtocolData(AppDelegate pad){

    ad = pad;


    public override int GetComponentCount(UIPickerView uipv)




    public override int GetRowsInComponent( UIPickerView uipv, int comp)


    //each component has its own count.

    int rows = protocols.Length;



    public override string GetTitle(UIPickerView uipv, int row, int comp)


    //each component would get its own title.

    string output = protocolNames[row];



    public override void Selected(UIPickerView uipv, int row, int comp)


    ad.SelectedRow = row;


    public override float GetComponentWidth(UIPickerView uipv, int comp){



    public override float GetRowHeight(UIPickerView uipv, int comp){





    And then you bind data doing something like this:

    ProtocolData protocolDataSource = new ProtocolData(this);

    ProtocolSelection.Model = protocolDataSource;

    And there you go, you now have a UIPicker with a list of data.

    Want to know more about developing with the iPhone?  Check out my Wrox Blox eBook on developing applications with MonoTouch for the iPhone/iPod touch for .NET/C# developers

  • The Mono / MonoTouch Soft Debugger

    Honestly, I thought that it was really cool when the Novell guys put a soft debugger into Mono/MonoTouch so that it is possible to debug an application running on the iPhone Simulator or on the actual device.  Basically, its a set of code inside of MonoTouch that will talk back to the debugging device.  According to the document, it works in the simulator, an iPhone attached to your macintosh, or over wifi if you are ont eh same network.  Thanks guys!

     monotouch soft debugger

    Want to know more about developing with the iPhone?  Check out my Wrox Blox eBook on developing applications with MonoTouch for the iPhone/iPod touch for .NET/C# developers

  • Be careful what you name a Project or Solution in MonoDevelop

    I downloaded and installed MonoDevelop 2.2 on my Windows 7 laptop as well as installing Mono 2.6.  Everything installed correctly.  I decided to create my first ASP.NET web application and see if this will actually work.  I created an ASP.NET Web Project.  I got the following errors;

    c:\Projects\MonoDevelop\First MD ASP.NET Web App\First MD ASP.NET Web App\Default.aspx(3,3): Error CS1646: Keyword, identifier, or string expected after verbatim specifier: @ (CS1646) (FirstMDASPNETWebApp)

    c:\Projects\MonoDevelop\First MD ASP.NET Web App\First MD ASP.NET Web App\Default.aspx(1,1): Error CS0116: A namespace does not directly contain members such as fields or methods (CS0116) (FirstMDASPNETWebApp)

    What is the cause of this error?  I've been trying to figure this out.  Then it hit me.  I created a new project with no spaces and not dots.  This new project worked.  Awesome.