Apple officially changes their Developer SDK License - MonoTouch officially makes it - And then go buy a beer on me.

Great news today.  Apple has updated their developer SDK License effective today.  bookPreviously, MonoTouch was sitting in a grey area.  They appeared to follow the letter of the law, but their was a question if it followed the spirit of the law.  With MonoTouch, I can build a native iPhone app with C# and the .NET framework.  The key is you can build native apps with it. It's a great tool.  I love.  Anyway, now, with Apple's changes that were announced, we now have conclusive proof that Apple is allowing Monotouch based apps.  This is great stuff!.  Along with this announcement, Novell has announced a discount of 15% that is effective for the next two weeks  The  discount code is "MONO-331"  After you go buy a copy of MonoTouch, take the 15% that you saved and buy a copy of our MonoTouch book.  Then, with the money you saved, go buy a beer, sit down and read our book.  Its on me!


  • So, the irony for me is that I just bought a mac specifically b/c I figured that they'd put the nail in this particular coffin and that'd be the only way I could dev iOS apps officially. Today is the day the mac shipped, and I see your post...

    Oh, well, I was due for a new computer anyway...

  • Paul, you still need to purchase a mac for the final compile step with MonoTouch. The apple sdk is required and it only runs on the mac.

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