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The Paul Wilson Gravy Train......... - Wallace B. McClure

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The Paul Wilson Gravy Train.........

Had to share this story about Paul Wilson based on all of Marcie's chatter. 

I met him in April in Atlanta.  I was talking about a problem I had noticed the day before at a client and how I had solved it and I was speculating about what I thought was causing the problem.  BTW, I did say during the conversation that it was speculation and not a known fact.  By the time I had driven back to Knoxville, he had emailed me and said that my speculation was wrong and that it had to be something else.  I wrote some sample code and sure enough, he was right.  I remember thinking at the time, "Paul Wilson is the kind of guy I want to hang around."


PS. Paul, I will email you my bill later this week.  ;-)


Datagrid Girl said:

Where's your LINKS to him, Wally? Send the boy some Google juice.
# June 25, 2003 6:05 PM