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December 2003 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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December 2003 - Posts

Any Bloggers in Washington DC?

Any bloggers in Washington DC that might want to get together for lunch or dinner this weekend?  I am in Washington DC this week and most of next week.


Partial Solution to my 0x8000FFFF error

For those of you that might remember my post about a catastropic error I was getting, I want to follow up on the problem.  I have spent a few hours over the last couple of weeks on this issue.  I finally set down and called Microsoft Developer Support on Monday afternoon.  Three hours later, I have a partial answer.  There is a bug in certain situations in Windows 2000 and in all situations of Windows 2003 Server that I have run into.  The bug involves the loading of the VB6DEBUG.DLL.  On working with support, we came across the fact that the DLL is not being loaded when a request is being made against the COM+ objects loaded in a debug session.  I can move the VB6DEBUG.DLL file into the path and that removes the problem with the catastrophic error, but there are still a number of items that will not correctly debug.  Ah, the joys of VB6 & COM+................


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