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  • Origin of BSOD

    Do you know the origin of term BSOD aka “Blue Screen of Death”?  Well, the term “Blue Screen of Death” was not the original acronym for BSOD.  The original term meant the “Black Screen of Death” and was seen when running under Windows 3.0.  A user would attempt to run a DOS application and instead of the DOS application running, the entire screen would turn black with a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner of the screen.  The system was hung and would need to be rebooted.  So, that is the what, what about the when and the where.  The term came from ..........are you ready.........Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA.  Coca-Cola IT was trying to roll out Windows 3.0 within the Global Marketing group.  When the users would try and run WordPerfect, sometimes, the user would get the BSOD.  This occurred in the summer of 1991.  I went out to Novell in 1994, I think, and the Novell developers wanted to meet me because they wanted to know about my boss, a man named Ed Brown.  Well, the Novell developers asked me a lot of questions about Ed.  I finally asked why, and they said that they wanted to know about the guy that coined the term BSOD.  Apparently, he was famous within Novell because he would just scream about the BSOD and nobody at Novell knew what he was talking about for the longest time.....................

  • Lost & Found

    Just this week, I was thinking back to the betas of the .NET Framework.  One of the things that really stuck out was debugging ASP.NET.  I remember finding some problems when debugging ASP.NET applications that were running on a port that was not port 80.  After posting some questions regarding this on several lists, I got an email from Shaykat Chaudhuri about the issue and how to work around it in beta2.  I remember being amazed at how excited Shaykat was regarding debugging.  I was thinking last night back to this and I wondered what had happened to ShayKat.  I checked earlier this afternoon and bang, there was an post from ShayKat about debugging in VS.NET 2003.  I was floored.  I emailed him.  He remembered me.  I am hopefully going to meet him when I go to the MVP conference in April.

  • Secured my wireless..........finally

    I had always stayed up on the fact that wireless was inherently insecure and that there were some steps that you needed to take to properly secure it, but I never did anything about it.  Well, last weekend, I opened up my laptop at home and saw that my neighbor had installed a wireless network.  Since I could get into his, I decided that this was a bad thing and I locked my down, finally.  I hope that no one has been wardriving through the neighborhood...........................

  • So, what happens to Itanium?

    Now with a day or two to digest what Intel has announced with regards to 64 bit extensions to their 32 bit processors, I wanted to speculate what this will most likely mean regarding CPU's in the world in the next 18 to 24 months

  • Oops in my WebSearch Code

    I have kind of put my WebSearch code off on the back burner while I worked on real customer work for the last couple of weeks.  Well, I set down this morning and started looking at my data and how things were progressing with about 10 million records.  Well, I found an oops, and I think it was a pretty good one.  It ends up that I was taking a base url and the script and just plugging them together in a certain case.  The result was that I was creating urls like instead of  Well, I took care of that this morning.  I decided to purge my data and start over.  I checked my data a couple of times this evening and it appears that everything is running more correct now.

  • MS Developer Support

    Given some of the things that have been said by Roy and Alex, I wanted to chime in regarding a very recent development support experience.  I was having a problem with debugging a set of VB6 components running under COM+ on Windows 2003.  I had searched with google.  I searched the MS knowledge base.  I searched newsgroups and I never found anything that was helpful.  I finally broke down and called MS Developer Support at the begining of December.  It ended up that the problem was a bug that had been discovered in September, 2003.  I was the second person to report the bug.  While MS did not have a full fix for the comsvcs.dll file at that time, the person I worked with (Lalitha Gomathinayagam) was able to provide me a work-around.  While working through this, she also assisted me with a similar problem in debugging those objects within Terminal Server on Windows 2000.  FYI, we never could get it to work, but she was helpful and provided me with continual assistance way beyond what I would have considered as necessary.  The bottom line is that she went out of the way to help and I fully appreciate it.