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  • Excitement continues to grow

    MVP Summit coming up.  Leaving Saturday morning.  Arrive @ W sometime around 12 noon Seattle time.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting lots of new ones.  Talked to Kirk Allen Evans last night on the phone about getting together.  I haven't seen him since we ate lunch in December in DC.  Desparately want to finally meet certain folks like CodeBoy and Darren Neimke.  I will get to see Paul Wilson and David Penton again.  I got really pumped when I checked out Scott Cate's Wiki regarding ride sharing.  If you are going, grab my mobile phone number from Scott's Wiki and get ahold of me Saturday afternoon.  I want to find a good spot to watch the Tech and OSU game in the Final Four.  Anybody know of any other games being played at the Final Four? 

  • Cable Modem problems

    I had mentioned in some previous entries about wanting to change my Web Search code to use MSMQ.  I have been out of town and I wanted to get back home to see how the changes ran over my cable modem.  Well, I got home last week, tried the changes, and saw no improvement from here.  What was a programmer to do?  Well, it ends up that the problem was the cable modem had been provisioned while I was gone for 384 kbps instead of the 2 mbps that I was paying for.  After a week of trying different things and testing different configs while talking with the cable modem tech support, I finally got passed around to someone that knew about the provisioning issue.  Finally, the speed problem at home was resolved.

  • Internet closes for cleaning between March 31 and April 2

    The internet will be shut down for cleaning for twenty-four hours from March 31 until April 2. This cleaning is necessary to clear out the "electronic flotsam and jetsam" that have accumulated in the network. Dead email and inactive ftp, www, and gopher sites will be purged. The cleaning would be done by "five very powerful Japanese-built multi-lingual Internet-crawling robots (Toshiba ML-2274) situated around the world."

  • Georgia Tech Alumni News had Jim Allchin from MS in it

    I just got a chance to read the Spring 2004 edition of the Georgia Tech Alumni News that had a news note about Jim Allchin from MS.  I did not realize it, but he got his PhD from Georgia Tech in 1983.  I got a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering specializing in digital signal processing, VLSI design, and computer architectures along with a minor in mathematics from Georgia Tech.  I got my BS in 1990 and my MS in 1991.  Any other Georgia Tech alumni out here?

  • Sql Server 2k Full Text Search Indexing

    I was playing around with my Web Search code last night.  Just by chance, I happened to turn off the full-text search engine in Sql2k and start my Web Search running.  Well, low-n-behold, when I got up this morning, I found that the system did not have any queued messages in MSMQ after it ran all night.  I was puzzled, but decided that I was a genius because I had made a change last night that should reduce the number of exceptions that I generated.  I saw that the full-text search was not running.  I turned on the full-text search and watched the MSMQ start queueing messages.  I turned off the full-text search, saw that the messages were now being properly placed within the database, and decided that I was not a genius after all.  So, out of this, I have decided to study the Sql 2k full-text search service.  Anyone know any good links with correct information in them regarding setup and performance of the Sql 2k's Full Text Search?

  • Just found something from my Grandfather - Warning Not Technical

    It is a long story why, but recently, I have been doing some ego-surfing trying to find out what is online with my name associated with it.  Through this, I have found an Indiana Police Officer that was killed in the 1920s named Wallace B. McClure and a Wally McClure that died last fall that lived in Montana.  I have also found something about space travel that was presented in the 1980s by a Wallace McClure, but there was nothing else on this that I could find besides one or two web pages.  The interesting thing is that I just found more data about my grandfather than I think I have ever known in my life.

  • MyTunes brings back the Memories............

    I just read this article about a utility called MyTunes that allowed other computers to play songs sold through the ITunes Apple store.  It brings back memories when in 1999, I wrote a little VB6 program that caught the web stream of 96Rock in Atlanta and saved it to the local hard drive of a system.  I used some components from Real to catch the stream and then I saved it to the local harddrive.  I would set the application to catch the data starting at 5:30 am and to quit at 10:15 am.  It ran like a champ every day.  The files would be about 40 megs of data each day.  Once a month, I would burn the content to CD.  Too bad that a couple of years ago, somebody broke into my Jeep and stole my laptop, and also a bunch of these CDs in the case with the laptop.  I lost the source code in a reformat of one of my systems and I have never recreated anything to get this to replace it.  I sure do miss listening to the Regular Guys every morning and not missing a moment of their show.  Ahh, the memories.........

  • Where did this come from?

    Ok, I think this file came from a link on, but I can't find the link, just the file.  I have a file called  Inside the zip file is a bunch of good info about how to create applications with .NET that scale up and perform well.  The problem is that I can't find where this file came from.  I think it came from, but I don't know from where.  If you have that link, if you can please post it as feedback that would be awesome.

  • Playing hooky..........

    Shhhhh.............  Don't tell anyone, but I think I am going to play hooky either today or tomorrow.  The weather is too nice for the beginning of March and the golf course awaits..................