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May 2004 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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May 2004 - Posts

Mom always said to clean up after yourself, now I know she was right

Ok, I have been working on this NNTP Spider that goes out to a news server and sucks down the content from various defined newsgroups and sticks the content into a database so that it can be searched on.  Well, the idea works all well and good, but the spider app seems to die within about 5-10 minutes of running.  There is no error that is bubbled up.  If I run within VS.NET, I just get an error and the app quits.  There is no line that the app stops on with a message box or anything like that.  Well, i decided to run this thing under Whidbey and try out some new features in Whidbey (expanded ThreadPool Threads and such).  Well, lo and behold, while running under the debugger, I find that I was getting a socket exception error.  I looked back through my code, and I found that I was not disconnecting from the news server.  I now explicitly call the .Disconnect() method of the Smilla client, and bang everything seems to be working.  I have been running now for about 20 minutes and I have not had a problem.  I am keeping my finger's crossed and I hope that I won't have a problem any more in this area.

Mom was right.  I never did a good job of cleaning up after myself.  Now I know that I need to always check and make sure to clean up after myself better.


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Exchange 2003 SP1



Sql 2k Full-Text Indexing Greyed Out in Enterprise Manager?

If the Full-Text Search Option is greyed out in the Sql 2k Enterrpise Manager, have you just installed the Full-Text Search onto the server?  If so, you will need to re-install the Sql 2k service pak onto your server.


Posted: May 22 2004, 09:49 PM by Wallym | with 5 comment(s)
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I finally "get" master pages in Whidbey, thanks to Bob

Sometimes, it takes a while to understand how to use something.  I have understood the concept of master pages in .NET Whidbey for a while, but I have always had problems trying to get them to work.  Well, doink on the head last night, I was able to get them to work.  I finally understand how they work and why they work now.  I “get” how the pieces come together.  There is a content control on the master page that holds where content goes.  On the visual page, there is also a content control which specifies the content control to use on the master page.  Make that connection, and Bob's your Uncle.  The part that I kept missing was the need to put the content control on the visual page and make the connection between the two.  Once I did that, it just worked (or at least appeared to).  One of the problems I had was that I was trying to put a master page interface into an existing web form.  To do that, it required some changes to the html that I had assumed that the visual designer would do for me. 


Oracle joins the MS Visual Studio Partner Program

As a user of both Oracle's flagship database and MS's development tools, I hope that this will be a positive for the development community.


MS Speech SDK

If you are into speech, Microsoft has released the Version 1.0 of their speech sdk.


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Suggestion for code samples

I love to read your code samples.  I get a real kick out of them.  I love to see what other people are doing and how they are doing it.  I would like to suggest that you add one thing to your code samples (I am just as guilty as everyone else).  For your .NET code samples, please don't forget to add in namespaces, such as including the “using namespace” commands so that we can see what namespaces your code is using.  It can be frustrating to look at some sample code and wonder why it doesn't work for you because you don't know what namespace the objects come from.

Why am I saying this?  Well, I was looking into some Whidbey stuff last night regarding the database provider factory.  I was having a devil of a time trying to figure out what namespace the DbProviderFactory() was coming from.  It took me until this morning to find out it is in System.Data.Common. 

Wally “One of the biggest offenders” McClure

Posted: May 17 2004, 09:37 AM by Wallym | with 1 comment(s)
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PowerPC emulator for x86

Just saw this over @ NeoWin.  Apparently, someone has created a PowerPC emulator that you can run on x86 hardware.


Sql Server Books Online 2004 Update

I realized that I did not have the latest version of the Sql Server Books Online yesterday.  I went to download, and low and behold, I discovered that the Sql Servr Books Online had been updated from the SP3 bol to a version marked as 2004 bol.  If you need them, get them at:


Posted: May 11 2004, 06:56 AM by Wallym | with 1 comment(s)
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Anybody in Washington DC?

I am in the Washington DC area for the next ten days.  If you are interested, let's get together and have lunch one day on the weekend (5/15 or 5/16) or dinner practically any day.  I am staying in the old town Alexandria area.  Send me an email through my blog if you are interested.  I love getting together and talking .NET with others.


Posted: May 10 2004, 02:17 PM by Wallym | with no comments
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