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June 2004 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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June 2004 - Posts

.NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 and .NET 1.0 Service Pack 3 - Tech Preview

Lost within all of the excitement over TechEd Europe, Whidbey, the Express Family, and other exiting items, it seems that the .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 and .NET 1.0 Service Pack 3 Technical Preview Announcements were lost in that boring “current release” mindset.  I just heard about them in Paschal's blog.  So, if you are interested, here is what I found:


Sql Express connection

So, you have downloaded sql express and installed it.  You want to do something with it but you have no idea where the database is.  Well, I was in that same situation earlier.  I had Sql2k on my system.  It seems that in my situation, SqlExpress is installed as a named instance.  I was able to create a database connection in vb/c# express and create a new database.I got the list of tables, views, sprocs, assemblies and such.  It all appears to be there.


Express Setup

Ok, I got done with the install of VB and C# Express.  The first install, VB Express, took an hour and ten minutes from the time I started the setup program to the time everything was done.  This included the framework and msdn downloads.  The C# Express install took about 10 minutes.  The Sql Express install took about 10 minutes.

I noticed that Sql Express installed MSXML6, which looks to be a new xml processor.


Express Setup

If you are running XP SP2, you might need to turn off the firewall for the download to run properly.  This is according to Andy Smith and some setup notes he mentioned.

Update:  Looks like this might not be an issue.  Andy later told me that doing this didn't change anything.


Express Setup Problem

Are you getting the setup problem that Andy Smith is reporting?  If so, go thru and clean up the registry for the term that is reported.  Reboot and then you should be able to run the install.


Express Question

Will any of the Express products run on Win64 for AMD64 systems?  I have been running the May CTP 64 bit stuff and I am curious about the Express products.


Update: No, the Express SKUs do not currently run on 64bit systems with Win64.

Setup thoughts / observations on the VB Express Product

I won't bore you with the “Express products are here download them” theme of everyone else.  ;-)

Once you download the executables, there are a couple of things that I have seen so far:

  • The setup program takes a long time to run from the time you click on it to the time you see something on screen.  On my 1.8 gigahertz P4 laptop, it took at least 90 seconds to come up.  I started the task manager to see if I had actually started it.  Be patient.
  • The executables that you download seem to be merely a loader program that goes out over the internet and downloads the rest of the stuff.  This includes the framework, msdn library, and sql express.

I am currently running thru the install on my laptop with my cable modem, so I'll follow up with any thoughts in a little while.


Adware/Spyware freakin' sucks

I was happily typing along doing development today, when bang, out of nowhere, this popup comes up asking if I want to install something from a webpage.  Since, I was happily typing along, the keyboard input for acceptance occurred before I knew what was going on.  Before I knew it, I had all kinds of junk Adware/Spyware crap on my system.  I download Spybot.  That took care of most of it, but not all of it.  The infamous “DSO Exploit” will not freakin' go away.  Since, I had just rebuilt this install of WindowsXP, I had not installed the anti-virus code, just made sure that all of the updates were installed. 

As a side note, there are some new virus/worms running around that were discovered today.  These articles may be talking about the same things.,1759,1617046,00.asp

What a happy freakin' birthday.


My Crystal is turning darker
Thursday June 24th is my birthday.  I am 37 years old.  The interesting thing is that I am in better shape now than I was @ 17.
Anybody get the reference in the subject line?
Happy Birthday Mom - Non Technical

Happy Birthday Mom!


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