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August 2004 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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August 2004 - Posts

VS.NET 2005 Whidbey September CTP bits are available on MSDN

3.7 gigs.  In a short 16 hours, I'll have it.



Joyce Park, aka Troutgirl got fired for blogging inappropiate information.  One wonders what, if any, effect that this will have on blogging.


Writing client-side javascript to the client with ASP.NET by Scott Mitchell

Scott keeps putting out really good articles.  I just stumbled across this article about intgerating client-side javascript with ASP.NET.  Worthy of a read.


Sql Express 2k5 article By Bill Vaughn

Bill Vaughn has written a good informative article on Sql Express 2k5.  Here is the intro:

Summary: Discover the differences in SQL Server Express from other SQL Server versions that make it easier to use and easier to protect, and migrate your existing JET applications to the more secure and more stable SQL Server Express. (18 printed pages).

I did a quick read thru on it and it looks pretty good.


ADO.NET Async Command No-No number 3

Don't forget to call the End method in your callback method of your async command.  Not calling it (by accident) seems to result in bad random things.


Need to clear your connection pool? You can with .NET 2.0.

If you need to clear your connection pool in a .NET application, with the .NET 2.0 Whidbey framework, you will have the option of clearing the pool.  ADO.NET 2.0 provides two static methods for doing this.

  • SqlConnection.ClearPool( SqlConnectionObject ).
  • SqlConnection.ClearAllPools().

According to what I have read, this feature will be available in the .NET 2.0 Sql Server and Oracle Clients from Microsoft.


Changes to Longhorn will be announced on Friday (today)

Changes to the next version of Windows, codenamed Longhorn, will be announced today.  Keep your ears open.,1995,1640215,00.asp


Internet meltdown on August 26

Geez, if it is from the Inquirer, it has got to be true.  ;-)


Host Integration Server 2004

For those of you that work with Host Integration Server, HIS 2004 will be out in September (September 1 according to this article).


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Hero worship - Rob Scoble

Wow, I just set down and had an almost one-on-one conversation with Rob Scoble today.  For about 20-25 minutes we talked about all kinds of things.  It was interesting to hear where he came from and some of the things that he was doing @ Channel 9.


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