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Simple Reflection in .NET Whidbey - Wallace B. McClure

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Simple Reflection in .NET Whidbey

Here is some simple Reflection code that I wrote to see what is in some .NET assemblies.  Suggestions are welcome.  Its not very "Whidbey-esque," but it gets the job done.


string strDotNetDir = @".......";

string strSql = String.Empty;

string strCn = ".....";

string strTypeOfType = String.Empty;

Assembly b = Assembly.LoadFrom(strDotNetDir + "System.Data.dll");


SqlConnection sqlCn = new SqlConnection(strCn);

SqlCommand sqlCm = new SqlCommand();


Type [] types = b.GetTypes ();

MethodInfo[] methods;

Type[] tInterfaces;

string[] strNames;

sqlCm.Connection = sqlCn;

sqlCm.CommandType = CommandType.Text;


foreach (Type t in types) {

      if ( t.IsPublic )


            if (t.IsClass)


            methods = t.GetMethods();

            foreach(MethodInfo m in methods)


            //store the methods that were found.



            strTypeOfType = "Class";


        if (t.IsEnum)


            strNames = Enum.GetNames(t);

            foreach (string s in strNames)


               //store the Enum names.


            strTypeOfType = "Enum";


        if (t.IsInterface)


            tInterfaces = t.GetInterfaces();

            foreach (Type t2 in tInterfaces)


               //store the interface(s) that were found.


            strTypeOfType = "Interface";


        if (strTypeOfType != String.Empty)


         //do something with what you found as far as the type.


        strTypeOfType = String.Empty;



if ( sqlCn.State != ConnectionState.Closed )





sqlCn = null;


sqlCm = null;


Posted: Sep 24 2004, 08:43 PM by Wallym | with no comments
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Patrick Steele said:

One suggestion: Get a new naming convention! Hungarian notation is so 20th-century. :)
# September 27, 2004 11:18 AM