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October 2004 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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October 2004 - Posts

Have a Merry ZBB day
If my memory serves correctly, the infamous ZBB date for ASP.NET 2.0 Whidbey is either close or here.  I would like to wish the ASP.NET team a merry ZBB day.  I am looking forward to the first post ZBB CTP bits from the ASP.NET team.
New version of MySql .NET Connector.....maybe

I just looked at the contents of the MySql .NET Connector this morning.  There are a couple of files dates from October 28, 2004 @ 8:00 am. BTW, it is 10:10 am in my timezone).  I think that this might be a new version of the connector, if you are interested.


Cursed no more - Red Sox win World Series

Boston 3 - St. Louis 0

The only question now is what will the Boston folks have to whine about................

ASP.NET MVPs on the MSDN Dev Center Site

Juan T. Libre is the first MVP that i see on there.  Congratulation to Juan for being on it first.  I've also seen Scott Mitchell in the rotation.

Thanks to Ben Miller and the ASP.NET group for putting profiles on the site.


MySql 4.1 - Generally Available

MySql Version 4.1 general availability was announced.

Technical Announcement:



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Visual Studio 2005 Intellisense Support

If you want the full Visual Studio 2005 Intellisense Support, don't forget to save your files to the project that you are working on.  It seems at this time, if you don't save the files to the file system, the IDE does not pickup the changes and Intellisense doesn't pickup changes to files, such as a change to the web.config.  I was doing some work last night and talking to J. Ambrose Little at the same time.  During some complaining on my part, he reminded me of that fact.  I saved my files and voila, the intellisense was working as expected.  Thanks Ambrose.


Attribute member values in Visual Basic .NET

An important safety tip that I forgot last week.  When you want to set the member values of an attribute using Visual Basic .NET, you need to use ":=".  This forgotten item hounded me for a couple of hours last week as I would "forget" the syntax.  In C#, the "=" sign is all that is needed.

Another thing that I did remember but can "catch" someone is the "<" in VB.NET vs. "[" in C# delimiters.  I remember back during the beta 1 days of .NET 1.0, this drove me crazy until Joe Long helped me out on this.


SqlFunction attributes members DataAccess and SystemDataAccess

If you have looked into using the SqlFunction attribute, you may have seen that there are members DataAccess and SystemDataAccess.  What's the difference in the two, afterall they sound so similar?  The DataAccess member is for providing data access to user tables.  The SystemDataAccess member is for providing data access to system tables.  This info somes from a response to a question I posted in a sql clr newsgroup at Microsoft.



I have noticed this dramatic increase in the amount of spam that I have gotten over the last two weeks.  It seemed really strange because I have very closely guarded my personal email address and my email address at my office.  Yesterday, I went out and googled for my email address.  Low and behold, my email address is posted on several pages online.  How did my email get there and get this spam? 

  • It got on a set of the pages because of a few postings on Developmentor's lists.  Apparently, they post all posts to the web, which isn't a big deal, except that they don't remove people's email addresses from the postings.  The result is that the spam bots might be picking this up and I get more spam.  If they have not already done so, I would like to suggest to Developmentor to change the formatting so that someone's email is not readable by a spam bot.  There are on the order of 25-30 postings with my address there.  BTW, I am not mad at Developmentor over this.  I think what they do is a great service to the community.  I just wish my email address wasn't listed on their posts.
  • A presentation I did and posted on my web site has been placed onto  I don't remember anyone from there asking about whether they can post my presentation (but I may have forgotten about this).  My email address is in the presentation.  The presentation is still in powerpoint format, so I don't think this is a source.  BTW, the ppt file still has my contact info as an author, so I don't feel that anyone is trying to steal my content.
  • Whois lookups.  My email address is listed as a techncial and admin contact on several domains.  Probably the first big source of spam messages.

So, as a result, I will be once again changing my personal email address.  The first time I did it was because I had recieved about 100 spam messages in one day.  Oh yeah, that day was Christmas Day 2002.  Its a slow process and one that is fraught with problems, but it seems to be the only really good solution to this spam problem.  I am in Washington DC right now, so I won't be able to start this process until I get back to TN and have access to everything I need in one spot.

Google stock is really shooting up

I won't heap references to "Party like its 1999" on you, well, I just did, but I think you understand what I mean.  I figure it will take a while, but this stock would seem to need to comeback to reality.  225 times earnings seems to be fairly inflated.


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