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December 2004 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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December 2004 - Posts

Think Linux is ultrastable compared to other operating systems? Think again

I just read the above article talking about how Linux is the embedded OS in all of these devices.  Well, I own a Linksys A/B/G Access Point and Router hooked into my cable modem.  If Linux is so stable, why do I have to go and reboot the Linksys router about once a week?  BTW, I've got the latest firmware installed on the device.

I've never seen an operating system that didn't fail.  I've seen Windows, OS/2, Unix, Linux, Mac, OS/400, and other operating systems all fail. 


A Time to Reflect on some of my online friends

With the passing of 2004, I wanted to reflect on some of the people that I have met online through various groups such as MVP, AspInsider, working on book(s), and such.

  • Phil Winstanley.  For those of you that know Plip, there isn't much to say that you don't already know.  I've been looking at some of the first emails that I found of him in my copy of Outlook.  He and his quick witted British comments are hilareous.  BTW, he actually knows a few things to.
  • David Penton.  For that of you that know the Liberal, you know him well.  The funniest memory of David that I can mention in public is when we were at the MVP Summit in 2004 in Seattle.  David came into the Rock Bottom in Seattle and proclaimed for the world "The Liberal is here."
  • Scott Sargent.  Scott is just flowing with pure technology thoughts.  I love to talk tech with Scott.  He helps me with Oracle on the side.
  • Kent Tegels.  Kent, wow, what a great guy.  He has been so helpful with Sql Server 2k5.

There have been so many others that have been help, I might feel badly that if I started naming all of them I would leave someone out and have someone upset.  Since having someone upset with me has never bothered me, I'll just rattle off a few: Bob Beauchemin @ Developmentor, Niels Berglund @ Developmentor, Ben Miller @ Microsoft, Richard Ersek @ Microsoft, the WHOLE ASP.NET team @ Microsoft, Eli Robilard for trying to herd the AspInsider cats, Peter Blackburn in England, Francesco in San Diego, and numerous others.  BTW, I've met all these folks online and also talked with them on the phone.  I use the term "online friends" because that is the main mode to keep that communication going.

I hope that all of these people and you have a a great New Years and a Happy 2005.


Tsunami estimated casualties increases dramatically

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that I report that CNN, FoxNews, and other news organizations are reporting that the estimated number of casualties from the Indian Ocean Tsunami has been dramtically increased to 115,000 people.  Obviously, this makes the events of September 11, 2001 appear insignificant.,2933,142897,00.html

I am hoping that much like at the WTC the estimates will come down over time.'s Tsunami Gallery has produced a series of images of the Indian Ocean Tsunami.  One of the images shows the ocean receding about a mile before the first wave came in.


SMO Scripting with the Individual SMO Objects

To follow up on the SMO Scripter() object, many of the SMO objects, like Table(), Column(), Index(), and on have a .Script() method that would allow you to script the individual object. 


SMO Scripter Object in .NET 2.0 Whidbey with Sql Server

I've been finishing up working with the Scripter object in SMO included with .NET 2.0 Whidbey.  There isn't much documentation on it at this time, but it seems to be fairly simple to use.  Here is how I used:

  • Create an array of type SqlSmoObject.
  • Create an object of type StringCollection.
  • Create an object of type Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.Scripter.
  • Create, define, and set the properties on all your Smo objects that you want to create in Sql Server.
  • Add the Smo objects created in the previous step to the array of SqlSmoObject.
  • Call the Script() method on the scripter object passing the array of SqlSmoObjects.  Pass the returned value to the StringCollection.

Congratulations, you now have a StringCollection of the objects that were created, so you can keep all of the scripting output.  Yippeee


Tsunami animation
NOAA has put together an animation of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December, 26.  With me, this puts in perspective how widespread the devastation was.
NetWare and Linux together?,1759,1745822,00.asp

Novell, Inc. has released Novell Open Enterprise Server beta, which is combining the features of Netware and Linux.  Sounds a lot like the old Novell story of SuperNOS, but this time it really exists.  Funny, because at the time, I figured that SuperNOS was just the Spec 1170 Unix API running on Netware and that the inner workings of the Netware kernel just made client-server unworkable on Netware.  I figured it existed in some lab somewhere but wasn't stable enough for the light-of-day.  Its only now that I found out it never really existed.  Oh well, just another reason (and there are several) why I am no longer a fan of Novell.

Another stake in the heart for IA64 as MS axes WinXp for IA64

According to (and you can obviously take this for what it is therefore worth), MS is going to drop support for the Itanium architecture on WindowsXP and merely support Itanium on Windows 2003 Server.  I bet that soon, Itanium won't be supported there either, but that's personal opinion.


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ForeignKey and ForeignKeyColumn objects in SMO

Wow, these two objects have the potential to really be confusing.  These objects can be used within SMO to create foreign keys unfortunately, these two objects have the potential to create a lot of confusion in someone's mind.  Thankfully, there is a pretty good example include with Sql Server December CTP.  Check out the url: ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/smo9/html/104c9ec1-7aca-453c-88ce-07a0a232c738.htm for the info.


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