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January 2005 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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January 2005 - Posts

Coach Dad falls to 2-2

Sorry for the delay between posts, and I know you are just dying because of it.  Our second and third grade basketball team is 2-2 now.  We won our first game 25-8.  We won our second game 19-13.  We lost our third game 26-23.  We lost our fourth game 25-23.  In game two, Kirsten had 8 points and Bradley had 3.  In our third game, Bradley had 11 points and Kirsten had 2.  In our fourth game, Kirsten had 9 and Bradley had 6.  Kirsten played hurt through out much of the second half as she got hit in the mouth and her braces cut.  her lip.  I was very proud of all of our children.  All of our team played hard.  Our biggest weakness at this point is playing defense, so I am going to have our kids work on defense a little more at our next practice.


SBC Announces plans to acquire AT&T for $16 billion

SBC Communications on Monday announced plans to acquire AT&T in a $16 billion deal, a move designed to bolster SBC's sales to enterprise customers nationwide and give it greater access to national and global networks.

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ADO.NET Whidbey User Group talk in Chattanooga, TN

On March 8, 2005, I will be speaking in Chattanooga, TN at the Chadnug User Group.  The talk will be on ADO.NET in Whidbey/Yukon.  I'll talk about enhancements to the client side SqlClient in ADO.NET and the opportunities opened up by the in-process data provider in Sql Server 2005.  I've done this talk in Roanoke, VA and Charlotte, NC.  Both times, the number of attendees was more than expected.  I hope this one turns out well also.  If you are in the Chattnooga area, come and listen.


Finally, a good use for a dataset in a project that starts from scratch

Most of the recent projects that I have worked on have had fairly simple data shape requirements.  What I mean by that is that the majority of the data tends to fit into a "row" of data.  I've had some older (COM/Classic ADO) projects where the there was a lot of relationships, but nothing new where I can work a good dataset design into the system from the begining.  Well, I am getting started on a new project.  As I have read over the initial design documents, the term "dataset" has been screaming at me as this will be the first project that I will be able to design a dataset into with appropiate hierarchy from the begining.


Updating an ASP.NET 1.1 app to ASP.NET 2.0 Whidbey

This is just an FYI.  I have taken a copy of a couple of existing ASP.NET 1.1 applications and updated them to ASP.NET 2.0 Whidbey.  The applications were relatively simple applications without a lot of complex UI items.  One of the applications was a mobile ASP.NET 1.1 application.  The three applications updated without a hitch and even ran properly, as far as I could tell. 

I ran into one gotcha in the upgrade process.  I inadvertenly updated one of my web applications by selecting it through the file system.  Doing that resulted in a backup directory being created below the main directory of my application.  The problem with this was that the backup directory had a web.config file.  As a result, the application would not run after the upgrade process.  The solution to that was to move the backup directory.  Another solution, and the one I used after this, was to upgrade the application when it was installed within a directory in the web server and running as an application.  In this case, the backup directory is placed in another location.


Diebold unveils e-voting printer to create a paper trail

Wow.  Can anyone say "a few years late?"


Referencing a form element on a PreviousPage with ASP.NET in Visual Studio .NET 2005 Whidbey and Thanks to Keith Smith

Referencing a form element on a previous page with ASP.NET Whidbey is a little more complicated than I had initially thought.  Its not horrible complicated either, but there are some tricks that I was not aware of.

1.  Form elements are private to the partial class that they are contained in.  In retrospect, that makes sense, however, I did not know that at the time.  So, to be able to reference the form element, you need to add a public property to the partial class that exposes the field.  In my example, I had

    public System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox TextSearchTextBox
        get { return txtSearch; } //txtSearch is the from element that I am going to reference in another page.

2.  In the codebehind/codebeside file that will reference the results, define a a variable of the appropiate type.  In my case, it was

  TextBox tbInput = null;

3.  To fill the TextBox

        if (null != PreviousPage && PreviousPage is Default_aspx)  //Default_aspx is the name of the class file from the page that posted to the current one.
            tbInput = (TextBox)((PreviousPage as Default_aspx).TextSearchTextBox);

This should get things going for you.

Many thanks to Keith Smith at Microsoft for his assistance on this and for not laughing at my questions too much.


Debugging ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2005 Whidbey

I have been having this really weird problem when I try and debug this small ASP.NET application I have written in Visual Studio .NET 2005 Whidbey.  Some of the ASP.NET pages will debug, some will not.  I have been pulling my hairout trying to figure what was going on.  It turns out that the pages I could not debug did not have their CodeFile and Inherits properties properly set in the ASP.NET page declaration.  These pages were created in various builds of .NET Whidbey and had the ClassName property set. 



MySql 4.1.9 has been released.

The MySql .NET Connector has also been officially released.


Microsoft continues to back the MVP Program,1759,1752693,00.asp
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