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March 2005 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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March 2005 - Posts

Internet closes for cleaning on Friday at 12 noon

.........If you see dust coming out of your DSL or Cable modem, you will know why..........

Geez, I just love April Fools Day. 


Win2k3 SP1 along with the x64 builds are on MSDN for Subscribers

Windows 2003 SP1 along with the x64 builds are on MSDN for Subscribers

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Windows 2003 SP1 goes RTM

It was just announced that Windows 2003 SP1 has gone RTM.  As a result of that, SP1 for Windows 2003 Server will be available shortly at Microsoft's web site and the x64 versions of Windows 2003 SP1 and XP will be available soon.  Nice, a real, live, mainstream 64 bit operating system for us.


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The Regular Guys Return

Ok, the really returned last week, but this has been the first day that I have had an opportunity to listen @

For those that are curious, and care, the Regular Guys are Larry and Eric @  Ohhhhhhhh, Its Larry and Eric.  And even though their names seem quite generic, they are hysterical, you'll bust a test****, if you got the b****, you should give them a call..........

Hosting multiple domain emails on Exchange 2k3

A big thank you to Steve Schofield for pointing this article out to me. 


Scott Guthrie's Presentations from last week - ASP.NET 2.0 Tips-n-Tricks & ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages & Themes


Reference one control from another control while within a Repeater (or DataGrid)

I have a dropdownlist (aka drop down list) box within a repeater.  When the index change event fires, I want to make some changes in another control.  The problem in doing this was that I could not figure out how I could reference another control.  Well, thanks to Scott Mitchell's articles on the datagrid, I was able to figure this out.  First, all my repeater elements were editable, so everything was setup within an ItemTemplate column.  This only caused me issues in my thinking about it, not in my doing.  So, within my SelectedIndexChanged event, I have the following code:

Dim ddl1 as DropDownList = CType(sender, DropDownList)
Dim rpItem as RepeaterItem = CType(ddl1.Parent, RepeaterItem)
Dim ddl2 as DropDownList = CType(rpItem.FindControl("ddl2"), DropDownList)

Now, I have the reference to the second control. 

One question, since FindControl() is fairly CPU intensive, is there a better way to do this?


Firefox 1.0.2 is out
Selecting columns in a query

I've always known this, but I thought I would share it.

I just did a quick performance test on two queries using the Sql Server Profiler.  The difference between the two queries was

Query 1: select * from table where...........

Query 2: select col1, col2, ..... from table where........

There is a small, but noticable performance difference in the two queries.  Query 1 was significantly slower on the first call versus Query 2, somewhat slower on the second call, and performed the same on subsequent calls.  While this was particular to my application, I think it is something I would suggest to all developers to specifically specify the columns in a query.


Binary XML

The Net's top standards body is getting closer to speeding up XML-based software, a move that could benefit everyone from cell phone carriers to television broadcasters to the military.

But critics say the group's favored approach could cause major compatibility problems, among other things.

XML is fast becoming a widely used way of formatting and saving business documents such as purchase orders. But for certain applications--sending data to set-top boxes, for instance, and offering interactive programs on cell phones--representing data using XML is simply too bulky, say proponents for more efficient XML.

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