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April 2005 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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April 2005 - Posts

Congrats to Roy Osherove
I just got my MSDN magazine for June, 2005I see that Roy Osherove has an article in the magazine.  Congratulations to Roy.
Posted: Apr 29 2005, 01:00 PM by Wallym | with no comments
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Regular Guys return to 96 Rock / WKLS
Great news.  I just heard this today as I listen to their show on 640 AM WGST.
H1-B Visa issue

<rant topic="Business of Technology">

Once again, another tech company (Microsoft, but it could easily be Intel, Oracle, or ABC) wants to say that the limits on H1-B is limiting their ability to hire and will ultimately hurt their business.  Sorry folks, but I don't believe it.  When I came out of school, these same companies were screaming that they only wanted experience.  Then the story became that they could not find enough American workers.  Then the story was that they needed to open lots of overseas offices because the "talent" was overseas.  To be blunt, the issue is that a company can get more foreign workers for the same amount than they can get american workers.  Its that simple.  I just don't understand why they are trying to "sell" people on something different.  Just admit the truth and move on. 

This whole issue is as dumb as Dr. Craig Barrett of Intel that is trying to say that Americans need to get a better education.  This implies that a company will want to hire you with this increased education and expertise. 

On associated thought on this issue: "The ability to speak english is not indicative of intelligence."


Update: What do I mean by this?  I just wish that the people pushing the H1-B issue would tell the truth about their goals as oppossed to playing games.  If a company wants to setup shop overseas, thats fine with me.  Its their business, they should be able to run it as they see fit.  If a company wants to bring over a lot of people through the H1-B process, thats fine.  I just get upset when they hide behind this game of "we can't find talent here."  Its an excuse I don't believe and never will.

Driving into a Tree?


Getting CRM’d: Siebel has canned CEO J. Michael Lawrie after less than a year on the job and has replaced him with longtime board member George Shaheen. Gorgeous George is best known for taking Webvan, the best-funded dot-com in history, and driving it into a tree. Hey, what could they do? Bernie Ebbers and Kenneth Lay weren’t available.

Posted: Apr 27 2005, 01:02 PM by Wallym | with no comments
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Premature Optimization

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at lunch with a buddy of mine.  He was talking about all of this complicated programmatic caching of data that one of his customers was doing.  I remember stating that caching was only a good idea when there was a bottleneck.  I decided to drop the conversation because we were headed in an awkward direction.  You see, I have seen a lot of programmers try and implement caching because it is cool as oppossed to there being a real performance problem.  Alex Lowe refers to this as "Premature Optimization."  It reminded me of a situation I walked into a couple of years ago where a previous programmer was caching all kinds of data for this customer (different than previously mentioned).  The application is just dog slow.  I'm writing a new application for this customer (the one that has the slow application).  This new application is truly fast.  I remembered all this as I see that page refreshes occur in 1-2 seconds as oppossed to to 10-12 seconds on their other application.

BTW, I am not trying to toot my own horn.  I am merely saying that you should be aware and not spend lots ot time, effort, energy until you have the time to perform an analysis of your application and carefully analyze your bottlenecks. 

Beware of "Premature Optimization."

Really good article on the subject if you like things like Order of N2.

What exactly is "Metro"?,1995,1789314,00.asp

Its a new version of Sharepoint.  Its a new workflow product.  Its a page description language.  Its a floor-wax.  Its a new printer-driver specification.  Its a desert topping.  What the heck is the dang thing?

It sounds like this is a page-description language similar to a PDF.  Well, that's fine.  The problem that I read from the article is that it implies that this will be a feature of Longhorn.  Well, there are already page description languages that run on WinNT4, Win2k, WinXP, Win2k3, and so on.  The MS approach is so often to create something that only runs on their latest OS or on something that is coming out in the future.  To get there, a company has to go through all kinds of trouble to keep up on the latest and greatest.  Yeah, I know about SMS, but that only replaces sneakernet, not the testing that has to go on.  The expense and heartache is enormous, as I write this on a Windows 2000 system.  Since MS has announced that Avalon graphical subsystem will run on Windows XP and Windows 2k3, I hope that "Metro" will run on XP and 2k3 when it ships.

Posted: Apr 27 2005, 07:07 AM by Wallym | with 3 comment(s)
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No Windows 2003 Server R2 for Itanium

The more I look, the more I see that Itanium is not a good place to be.

Also, there will be no Web Edition of R2.

Posted: Apr 27 2005, 06:53 AM by Wallym | with no comments
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Interesting emails that I recieved over the weekend
  • Region's Bank.  I need to logon to check my account and make sure that there are no problems.  Hmm, I'm not a Region's Bank customer.
  • Paypal/Ebay.  I need to logon to verify that my account is correct.  Hmm, I'm not a paypal/Ebay customer.
  • Various China business opportunities.  Hmm, I'm not in the import/export business.
  • Various business opportunites.  All I need to do is give them my bank account number.  Yeah, right.
  • Various virus filled emails.  Yeah, like I would even open them up.

Kinda reminds me of the commercial where the guy says "How can it be a virus when it says 'I Love You.'"

Windows for x64 is officially released

Excellent.  Windows for x64 is officially released.  MSDN subscribers have had access to it for a while, but it is nice to see an official release.  It will be really exciting when .NET 2.0, with its 64 bit support, is released later this year.,1759,1789061,00.asp


Posted: Apr 25 2005, 10:50 AM by Wallym | with no comments
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I'm featured again as Sir Wally.........

Go to about minute 31:30 at, which is Jason's podcast, and you can hear me.  I feel honored that Jason includes me in his podcast (and doesn't make fun of me ;-) )

Link to the first recognition of Sir Wally.


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