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July 2005 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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July 2005 - Posts

Podcasting goes "Mainstream"

Ever since Steve Jobs returned to Apple Computer in 1997 after a 12-year absence, his company has thrived by executing the same essential formula over and over: Find an exciting new technology whose complexity and cost keep it out of the average person's life. Streamline it, mainstream it, strip away the geeky options. Take the credit.

So far, Apple has worked this kind of magic on digital video editing, wireless networking, online music selling, RSS feeds (a kind of Web site subscription) and other technologies. Its latest attempt, however, will be music to an awful lot of ears. With its release of the free iTunes 4.9 software for Mac and Windows, Apple has just mainstreamed podcasting.

A podcast, as anyone under 25 can tell you, is an audio recording posted online, much like a short radio show. ("Podcasting" is a pun on "broadcasting," implying, of course, that you listen to it on your iPod or another music player.) The beauty of a podcast is that it's free and you listen to it whenever you like. And there are more than 7,000 podcasts "on the air" right now, on every conceivable topic. Their quantity and variety already dwarf what you can find on regular radio.


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ASP.NET Podcast Show #8 - The ASP.NET DownUnder Edition with Darren Nemke and Paul Glavich

Download the Podcast

Subscribe to the ASP.NET Podcast

The ASP.NET Podcast Show #8 - The ASP.NET DownUnder Show has been posted.  Paul Glavich does all the heavy lifting in this show.  It contains an interview with Darren Neimke, creator of products like Project Distributor and most recently Single User Blog.

The show contains :

  • Tech Talk on Asynchronous Client Callback Scripting in ASP.NET V2
  • Darren Neimke Interview covering:-
    • MVP and ASPInsider status - how did you get there and whats it like?
    • - How it came about and porting it to .Net V2. Lessons learnt.
    • Project Distributor - How that site came about, whats it for etc.
    • Recent tour of Australia and New Zealand talking about IBF. What is it, where is it going?
    • Single User Blog - Darrens latest project.
    • Favourite .Net V2 feature.
  • Programmers Pastime (new segment) - Movie Review of Office Space by Wally McClure

You can download it here (


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Golf on Saturday July 30, 2005

Wow, today was a wild day on the golf course for me.  I shot a 71 on a par 72 course.  The course is 6,300 yard from the tees that we played from.  The rating and slope are 68.7/110.  That results in a handicap differential of 2.4 for that round, if I have my figures all straight and my terms correct.  It was so rewarding, especially considering that I had shot an 88 on the same course from the same tees last Saturday.  I was so upset when I got done last weekend.  Today was definitely a different day.


Audio File Sizes in Audacity

I just started checking in my data folder at the ASP.NET Podcast Show #8 that I am putting together.  When I save the files in then native format of Audacity, the file size is 533 megabytes.  When I save it to an mp3 file, the file size is 15.4 megabytes.  Wow, what a difference.  Compression is good.


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Wondering about Longhorn Server?,2180,1840976,00.asp

Microsoft is developing the Longhorn Server and Vista client releases in tandem, but the final delivery of Longhorn Server will occur six to 12 months after the release of Vista "because of the additional testing a server platform requires and is expected by enterprise IT customers," said a company spokesperson.

Microsoft's goal is to sync the Longhorn Server and Vista client betas. By he time Microsoft is releasing the gold version of Vista client (summer/fall 2006), it is shooting to be releasing a new beta of Longhorn Server. The day that it ships Longhorn client Service Pack 1 (some time in 2007), the Windows team is hoping to be releasing the final Longhorn server code, company officials told Microsoft Watch earlier this year.


MS Server and Tools Growth,1895,1841502,00.asp

Rudder also commended Microsoft's developer base for helping the company to design its upcoming products by banging on the CTPs (Community Technology Previews) of technologies such as Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and others.

Indeed, he said .Net momentum continues to grow, with 53 percent of professional developers using .Net, compared to 33 percent using Java as of the second quarter of 2005, according to US DevTracker.

And according to Microsoft internal estimates, 95 percent of the global 100 corporations and 92 percent of the Fortune 100 companies use .Net, Rudder said.


Help teach people what Podcasting is

The digerati may think podcasting and RSS are about as old hat as it can get, but apparently, the American public has no idea what the two technologies are.

The blog Digital Deliverance cites a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project revealing that just 9 percent of Americans had any real clue what RSS--the technology that allows for website feeds to be sent directly to users' computers--is.

Similarly, only 13 percent felt confident they understood what podcasting is.

If you have not already done so, please go listen to the ASP.NET Podcast.  Everybody's doin' it.

The ASP.NET Podcast Show #7 - The Mobile Show.

Digital Pontification by Jason Salas.

Digital Pontification Needs more Wally - Listen to me sing the Georgia Tech Fight Song

Go to minute 18:40 or so.

In today's podcast, Jason is wondering why show #85 is so popular.  The answer is obvious.  The people have spoken.  Much like Christopher Walken saying a song "Needs More Cowbell", Jason's listeners have spoken that the Digital Pontification (DP) "Needs More Wally."  Dana Coffey says that I should have my own TV channel "All Wally, all the time."  What do you think?

Listen to today's DP show at at approximately minute 45:00.


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Windows Vista Beta 1 and VirtualPC - Updated

Anybody tried to install Windows Vista Beta 1 into a VirtualPC Session?  I'm getting an error trying to format the VirtualPC drive.  Suggestions?

Updated: It seems to be installing now thanks to a suggestion by Bill Ryan.  He said just reboot the VPC session.  I thought I had done that already, but when you get to be my age, your memory goes.  Thanks Bill


Windows Vista / Longhorn Beta 1 is on MSDN for subscribers

Its up on MSDN for subscribers.  I am downloading now.


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