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September 2005 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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September 2005 - Posts

Terri Morton

Just wanted to give a big heads up and Thank You style shoutout to Terri Morton at Telligent for helping me through some simple questions regarding the forums @  Terri is AWESOME!


Followup on Atlas requiring Whidbey Beta2

Well, I was one of several people that diligently downloaded the Atlas bits and installed them onto my copy of the Release Candidate bits.  I created a website project and.............watched it die horribly.  The Atlas bits as of 9/13 don't work on the Whidbey RC bits.  So, I went back to some of my backups of previous bits.  Yes, a programmer that actually does backups.  I spent some time last night going through my external drives and found a VPC with beta2 running on it.  I transferred it back over to my local hard drive on my laptop and I was able to get things up and going.  I wrote some example code last night and it worked.  Sweet........


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FYI: Oracle for Windows 10g Release 2

Lost in the talk of Atlas, I see where Oracle announced and has available on their web site the Oracle Database Version 10g Release 2 for Windows.  It has support for writing CLR objects within the database. 

eWeek article.

OTN Windows Center.


Passing multiple parameters through Atlas to a web service

The Atlas examples that I looked at had one parameter being passed into a web service.  I wanted to see how to had multiple parameters.  I figured I had two options:

  • Create a custom object and pass that in.  Thats how it works with MSMQ So that was my first thought.
  • Hand in multiple parameters in the same order as the web service accepts them.  I tired that and bingo, it worked.  ClassName.MethodName(param1, param2,....., paramN, CallbackJavascriptMethodName)

It does seem that Atlas and the Ajax libraries from Michael Schwarz share a lot of the same thinking.


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Atlas bits require Beta2

According to RichE, you need to have the beta2 bits of Whidbey to run the current Atlas download.  They will release an update for the RC/PDC bits, but today's bits require beta2..............Oh well, back to the VPC for me.

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Of FireAnt and Kahuna

I've been trying to put the pieces together in my mind on what these products are.  Kahuna is a beta version of hotmail (saying it that way probably does not do it justice).  FireAnt is the underpinnings of Kahuna.  It looks one of the big pieces of FireAnt is an Ajax-based user interface.  If you have not read these, they are very interesting reads.  My description is probably not 100% accurate, so please go read them as they provide a very interesting insight into product development and one of the drivers for Atlas.


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Sql Server 2005 and VS.NET 2005 Release Candidate Installs

FYI, The Sql Server 2005 Release Candidate is on MSDN.

When I was installing the Sql Server 2005 RC, I got a message about disk 2.  For me, that was the Developer Tools CD.  I installed it and everything "seems" to be working so far.


Acquisition Monday

Ebay buys Skype.

Oracle buys Seibel.

ASP.NET Podcast Show #17 - Book writing and an Intro to some new controls in Whidbey


  • Wally talks about writing the ADO.NET Whidbey/Yukon book.
  • The original thoughts on writing it.
  • Getting publishers interested does not come easy.
  • Some new controls in Whidbey.
    • Site Navigation.
    • Cross Page Postback.
    • Theme, including a dynamic Theme example.
    • Validation Groups.
    • Wizard Control
  • Check out the Sample Code at

Check out the Examples from the Show and Downlaod the code.

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Go to PDC. Get IIS7,guid,eca754d5-07b1-4d83-890b-b97dcfd40b8d.aspx

Sweet.  And I will be working hard for a customer or two and not at the PDC.

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