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Do you have problems with SQL CLR Objects running under RC1? - Wallace B. McClure

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Do you have problems with SQL CLR Objects running under RC1?

This is just an FYI.  I was having some weird problems trying to deploy some Sql CLR object into a Sql Server 2005 RC1.  This was obviously a problem with my install as everything worked fine in a VPC image, but just would not work on my laptop.  I thought to myself what could it be?  I had some components that I had downloaded and installed for Visual Studio .NET 2005/Whidbey.  I was also getting a startup error with VS.NET, so I figured that all of these problems were related.  I uninstalled LINQ for VB and DevExpress Refactor for Beta2 and everything seems to be running correctly again.  Happy Days are here again.



David Yack said:

So was it Linkq or DevExpress!
# September 23, 2005 5:17 PM