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October 2005 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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October 2005 - Posts

New low-end version of Oracle

Apparently, Oracle is getting ready to ship a free, lowend version of their database.  That is according to this story at InfoWorld.

Here is the link to download it:



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Thanks to Scott and ORCSWeb

Just wanted to say thanks to Scott @ ORCSWeb for getting the ASP.NET Podcast site started there.  We were having some general downtime problems with our previous host, so I appreciate their getting us setup.  It seems that our previous host was working on building up their network infrastructure.  If you have several thousand listeners and are growing, downtime measured in the "hours per week" is not really a good idea.  I believe that ORCSWeb will make us more successful than we could have been without them.


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ASP.NET Podcast Show #25 - Discussion from the Alabama CodeCamp
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Checkout the discussion from the Alabama CodeCamp on October 29th in Birmingham, AL.  I did my talk on ADO.NET and SQL CLR Objects.  I met a bunch of great people.  Joe Healy and Russ Fustino (both from Microsoft) lead the CodeCamp.  They flew in from Florida on Friday.



Turning on the network protocols with Sql Server 2005

When you change the network protocols, and other settings, you are using with Sql Server 2005, you might need to stop and restart the Sql Server 2005 Service.  I find this a fairly simple thing to overlook when you have the really cool point and click interface.


Enable the CLR in Sql Server 2005 with Sql Server 2005 Surface Configuration Tool

I have been working with the Sql Server 2005 Beta(s) for a while (read almost 2 1/2 years).  I've always enabled the CLR using the TSql commands.  Well, I was going through the Sql Server Configuration tool and I found that this can be enabled through a point and click interface using the Sql Server Configration tool. 

Now, I can just point and click with
Our ADO.NET Version 2 Book Cover

Check out that guru on the left.  He really knows his stuff.  You can tell, just by looking at him.

More on why Itanium is the wrong processor for volume usage

Intel has delayed by months the release of the next three major versions of the Itanium processor, a new blow for the processor family. But the chipmaker also plans a change it said will boost the performance of its more widely used Xeon line.

The next Itanium, a major revision code-named Montecito, recently had been scheduled for debut this year, holding volume production until the first quarter of 2006 so the chipmaker can address quality problems. Now, however, it will debut in mid-2006, spokeswoman Erica Fields said Monday. Its successor, "Montvale," was pushed from late 2006 to 2007, and the next major redesign, "Tukwila," was pushed from 2007 to 2008.

Microsoft's Longhorn Server version of Windows will support Intel's Itanium processor, but only for a limited number of higher-end jobs, the software company said Friday.

Intel in recent years has positioned Itanium chiefly as a processor for powerful multiprocessor servers, a prestigious market, but one much smaller than originally envisioned. Microsoft's move essentially reinforces this big-iron positioning.

"Longhorn Server for Itanium won't run all workloads," a Microsoft representative said in a statement.

How do you feel about the US "owning" the Net?

How do people feel about the US "owning" the Net?

The move to keep control of the Web stateside has, unsurprisingly, garnered bipartisan support among many Americans, who contend that much of the infrastructure in place today was developed and maintained by American entities. Some other nations, though, don't trust the U.S. to look out for their needs and priorities. Is the U.S. government the best fit to manage the Internet's infrastructure and regulations in the future? Or is the U.S. being unreasonable in its refusal to relinquish control to someone else?

ASP.NET Podcast was down on Monday

The ASP.NET Podcast was down on Monday thanks to Hurricane Wilma.  As a result, the extra great show that I put up on Friday afternoon was not available to our billions of loyal listners.  It looks like things are back up and going now.

Show: (I really like the pic of Super Wally).

Explanation of what happened:


PS.  Does anyone really believe that we were "extra great" on Friday or that we have "billions" of loyal listners? Well.......Paul does have a groupie.

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Wow, Texas is #1 - Week of October 24

Wow, I just sat down to watch ESPN SportsCenter.  Texas has leapfrogged USC in the latest polls.  Yes, thats right, Texas is ranked #1 in the BCS.  While USC has won 29 games in a row.  Honestly, USC has won at ND.  Texas has beaten OSU in Columbus.  Both were last second victories.  At this point, it doesn't matter.  The only thing that does matter is to be #1 or #2 in the final regular season poll.  If both win out, they will be the final game.

Personally, I think that Texas has looked better this season.


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