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  • Thanks to Scott and ORCSWeb

    Just wanted to say thanks to Scott @ ORCSWeb for getting the ASP.NET Podcast site started there.  We were having some general downtime problems with our previous host, so I appreciate their getting us setup.  It seems that our previous host was working on building up their network infrastructure.  If you have several thousand listeners and are growing, downtime measured in the "hours per week" is not really a good idea.  I believe that ORCSWeb will make us more successful than we could have been without them.

  • ASP.NET Podcast Show #25 - Discussion from the Alabama CodeCamp

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    Checkout the discussion from the Alabama CodeCamp on October 29th in Birmingham, AL.  I did my talk on ADO.NET and SQL CLR Objects.  I met a bunch of great people.  Joe Healy and Russ Fustino (both from Microsoft) lead the CodeCamp.  They flew in from Florida on Friday.



  • Enable the CLR in Sql Server 2005 with Sql Server 2005 Surface Configuration Tool

    I have been working with the Sql Server 2005 Beta(s) for a while (read almost 2 1/2 years).  I've always enabled the CLR using the TSql commands.  Well, I was going through the Sql Server Configuration tool and I found that this can be enabled through a point and click interface using the Sql Server Configration tool. 

  • More on why Itanium is the wrong processor for volume usage

    Intel has delayed by months the release of the next three major versions of the Itanium processor, a new blow for the processor family. But the chipmaker also plans a change it said will boost the performance of its more widely used Xeon line.

    The next Itanium, a major revision code-named Montecito, recently had been scheduled for debut this year, holding volume production until the first quarter of 2006 so the chipmaker can address quality problems. Now, however, it will debut in mid-2006, spokeswoman Erica Fields said Monday. Its successor, "Montvale," was pushed from late 2006 to 2007, and the next major redesign, "Tukwila," was pushed from 2007 to 2008.

  • ASP.NET Podcast was down on Monday

    The ASP.NET Podcast was down on Monday thanks to Hurricane Wilma.  As a result, the extra great show that I put up on Friday afternoon was not available to our billions of loyal listners.  It looks like things are back up and going now.

  • Wow, Texas is #1 - Week of October 24

    Wow, I just sat down to watch ESPN SportsCenter.  Texas has leapfrogged USC in the latest polls.  Yes, thats right, Texas is ranked #1 in the BCS.  While USC has won 29 games in a row.  Honestly, USC has won at ND.  Texas has beaten OSU in Columbus.  Both were last second victories.  At this point, it doesn't matter.  The only thing that does matter is to be #1 or #2 in the final regular season poll.  If both win out, they will be the final game.

  • ASP.NET Podcast Show #24 - More Atlas, Debugging with Atlas, and Various Book Status

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    Special thanks go out to Wilco Bauwer who has posted a lot of his insight into Atlas in the ASP.NET forums.


    Show Notes:

    • Emails.
      • Our hero Phil Winstanley supports the show
        And thanks go out to Plip for these pictures:
        Super Wally
      • Scott Fletcher says that “Wally is the hottest thing in Podcasting!”
      • Chris Frazier agrees with Scott.
    • Atlas.
      • What are some of the Atlas pieces-n-parts.  Wally bloggerizes from Nikhil Kothari’s weblog. (Note: Wally made up the word bloggerize.  It means to steal from someone else's blog without their permission.  You learn something new on a podcast every day.........).
      • Example (Note: There is an sState, which refers to an HTML tag, and there is a property referred to as State.  These are separate and I appologize for any confusion):

    Client Side Code:
            function LoadTest(){




            function ReturnDataTableCallBack(result)


                var i = 0;

                var ddl = document.getElementById("sState");

                var optionItem;

                iLength = document.getElementById("sState").options.length;

                document.getElementById("sState").visible = true;

                //document.getElementById("txtAreaResult").value = result.get_data();

                for(i=0; i<iLength; i++)


                    document.getElementById("sState").options[0] = null;


                alert("Length: " + result.get_length() );

                for(i=0; i<result.get_length(); i++)


                    var optAdd = new Option(result.getItem(i).getProperty("State"),result.getItem(i).getProperty("tblStateId"));

                    for(m in result.getItem(i)){





                debug.dump(result, "DataTable Result", true);

    Server Side Code:

            public System.Data.DataTable ReturnDataSet()


                DataTable dt = new DataTable();

                DataRow dr;

                dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("tblStateId", System.Type.GetType("System.Int32")));

                dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("State", System.Type.GetType("System.String")));

                dr = dt.NewRow();

                dr["tblStateId"] = 1;

                dr["State"] = "Tennessee";


                dr = dt.NewRow();

                dr["tblStateId"] = 2;

                dr["State"] = "Alabama";


                return (dt);


    • Debugging with Atlas.
      • debug.dump(object, name [, recursive[, indention padding]]);The output from debug.dump.>
      • for(m in results) alert(m);
    • Wally does pimp himself.
    • Book Status.
      • ADO.NET.
      • Ajax/Atlas Book.
      • Please come be the IIS7 lead author.  Being a lead author is so much fun.

  • A tip for debugging with Atlas

    This code shows you what you can call on your serialized object when using Atlas:
    for(m in myObject){  //in my case, I was using result.getItem(i)

    Thanks to Wilco Bauwer for showing it to me in the forums.

  • AJAX in the Enterprise

    Infoworld has a pretty good article about AJAX in the Enterprise.  It seems that the minimization of traffic is a big deal to folks in the Enterprise.

  • AJAX with ASP.NET book status

    Just a quick update.  After having worked out of town in DC all most all summer, I viewed the ASPInsider Summit October 3-5 as the starting point of our AJAX with ASP.NET book.  Well, I came back from the event sick.  While I am still sick, we also have been discussing issues from the Summit regarding Atlas.  It has only been since Friday that I have been able to get writing started.  Since Saturday, I have put together thirteen pages of real material.  I'll be covering the book status in a podcast later this week.

  • Buttons in AJAX

    Ok, so Plip continues to have this seizure over AJAX.  I thought he was going to have coronary over this on the last day at the ASPInsider Summit.  To be honest, I really don't "get" what the issue is.  This is old news, but I guess that he is upset because he was in diapers when these problems got solved.  Web Applications have had issues with the Back Button and the Reload Button for years.  If you have just completed a database operation and then hit Reload, you have most likely just performed that database operation again.  Similar issues occur with the Back Button.  There are ways around all of these issues, but developers need to handle the issues. 


  • USC/ND or WVU/UL?

    I don't have a dog in any of these fights, but today's college football was really exciting.  USC 34 - ND 31 was unbelievable.  On fourth down Matt Lienart thru a short pass that turned into a 63 yard play late in the game.  With 7 seconds to go and the entire USC bench distracting the ND players with calls to down the ball, Matt Lienart scored on a 1 yard quarterback draw.  USC won 34 to 31 over ND.

  • Bonus for subscribers to the ASP.NET Podcast

    If you are a subscriber to the XML feed for the ASP.NET Podcast, I am uploading a video that Plip made during the Round Table discussion on Sunday October 2.  If you are not a subscriber, what's your problem, go subscribe.  You will be able to see Wally, Dave Sussman, Doug Reilly, and others in their element.

  • Connectivity in the Office

    It looks like sometime around 3:00 am EDT this morning, the internet connection in my office was restored.  Thank goodness.  With my email server in my office and not available to the outside world, I have felt like a drug addict needing his "fix."

  • Buttons in AJAX

    It just amazes me how people think that this breaking of the Back Button in an application that uses Ajax is somehow new.  Well, this is not a new problem.  Web based applications have had this problem for a long time.  Yes, it sucks.  Try to explain to users how the Back or Refresh Buttons really work and they get upset.  I believe that there are two issues in solving the problem:

  • Atlas on x64 IE

    FYI, I have gotten the Atlas code for the RC/RTM running on my x64 system with Win64 for x64 under IE.  I checked and the Help->About shows that it is running 64bit version of IE.

  • Atlas Script tags

    I've been checking things out and experimenting.  I've been trying things out and breaking them all at the same time.

  • The xml feed for the ASP.NET Podcast

    Ok, how frustrating is this.  We put up a really killer podcast interview with Shank and Nikhil on Friday afternoon, and then on Saturday the internet connection to my office goes down and has been down for almost 24 hours.  I am not sure which is the worst, the problem on Friday with the download site or the connection to my office which has the xml feed. Sorry if there is a problem with the download folks, but this is the hand that i was dealt.

  • Single Engine Plane crash takes out the Internet Connection at my Office

    According to our internet provider for our office, a single engine plane crash near Cookebille, TN, which has cut various utility lines, has knocked out our provider's pipes into our geographic area.  Everything works fine here at home, but the office is down.  Its amazing something that happens 80 miles away effects my office and how dramatic the effect is.  I'm hoping that things will be back up by Monday, but I won't guarantee anything.

  • Paid off Plip

    As much as it pains me, I must admit that I paid off the bet from last year between Plip and myself.  Plip and I bet on the Ryder Cup in 2004.  The Europeans won in a landslide.  Here is a picture of the payment at the Black Angus on Sunday Octoboer 2, 2005.

  • More Info on Spang......

    In case you were wondering, Spang is the result of too many geeks at dinner drinking.  Technically, Spang is the sound that a metal skillet holding buffalo wings makes when it is placed on the table.    From there it took off.  The emails and IMs that were flying around the room yesterday were amazing.