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January 2006 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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January 2006 - Posts

20 years ago - Challenger

20 years ago, the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up.  I remember where I was that day. 

Updated podcast file for Show #35

I messed up the editing of Show #35 and left in some of the "Hello Michael, are you still there" snips.  I have gone back and edited them out.  Sorry for the quality control problem.


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ASP.NET Podcast Show #35 - Michael Mahemoff of and



Link to ASP.NET Podcast Site.

Show Notes:

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Updated LINQ / VB Preview


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pageLoad() event in Atlas

The pageLoad() event appears to be a new special event in Atlas.  All you have to do is put it into a page with the Atlas runtime embedded.  For example, the following code works and displays the alert message as expected.

function pageLoad()


alert("pageLoad() event called.");



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ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning

ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning



Podcast site blog entry.

Show Notes:

  • Coach Wally.
  • Bruce Dickinson returns.
    • Explore the space of being Wally.
    • You really want "More Wally" in the show.
  • Paul Lockwood reviews podcasts.
  • Oprah Effect? What about the Wally Effect!
    • People all over the world.
    • Amazon.
    • Google Adsense.
  • Wally begs you to help out.
  • Interesting findings - Wally whines about paying big bucks for big companies but won't pay less for smaller companies.
  • OrcsWeb.
  • Wallyisms review.
  • Database Performance and Tuning.
    • Proper database design.
    • Primary keys are good.  I like integer data types.
    • Foreign keys.  FKs are used to relate data like customers and orders or Orders and order items.
    • Normalization is good.
    • Indexing is REALLY, REALLY important.
    • Sql Server Profiler.
    • Database Tuning.

    • What happens when you don't have a good database design and proper indexing? Bad things.
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"Sir Wally" at the Orlando Code Camp in March

Ok, it looks like "Sir Wally" will be at the Orlando Code Camp in March.  I'll be talking on the subjects of:

  • Building Section 508 Accessible Web Applications.
  • Building Web Applications with Atlas.
  • Build Sql Server CLR Objects.

Along with those, we'll have a roundtable for the podcast of Florida MVPs and people that want to come.

Next question: how the heck am I going to pay for this.  I hope Marquez remembers me and still has his $3.4 million dollar house there. 

Update: I emailed Marquez and with the old email address that I had for him.  It hasn't bounced back yet.  I'm still hoping.


Web.Net.WebRequest() class in Atlas

I was talking to Wilco a while back and he said that the Completed event on the Web.Net.WebRequest() object takes two paramaters, just like in .NET.  I wrote the code below to test it out and it seems to work properly.  Now I can see which object instance actually instantiated the event.

var request;
function MakeCall()
request =
new Web.Net.WebRequest();
var url = Web.Net.WebRequest.createUrl("http://.......", null);

function RequestCompleted(objSender, evArgs)
var obj = request.get_response();
debug.dump(evArgs, "event arguments", true);
"object sender", true);

How to not display a blog entry on the main page

Given the recent discussions about what should and shouldn't be in a blog on, I thought I would add this little tidbit of information.  If you want to post something to your blog and don't want to appear on the main page, you need to scroll down to the "Advanced Options" and uncheck the "Include in Aggregated Site" checkbox.  This puts the entry into your blog, but doesn't put it out on the main page.

FYI, the "Advanced Options" is down at the bottom of the Edit Posts page.  You will need to click the down arrows to see the information (at least I do).
Where is winter?

I don't know what its like where you are at, but the winter here is pretty nice.  Here's the current forecast for Knoxville. &

Where is winter?  Its just not happening.  The weather is about 5-8 degrees Farenheit warmer than usual.  We aren't suppossed to get severe weather in winter, yet we have gotten sever stroms three times in the past two weeks.  We are forecasted to get thunderstorms on Tuesday, according to the TV news.  This is suppossed to be the coldest time of the year.  What's the deal?  Before you scream global warming, you should check out "The Little Ice Age" from the History Channel.  We appear to be in a warm period now.

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