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How to not display a blog entry on the main page - Wallace B. McClure

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How to not display a blog entry on the main page

Given the recent discussions about what should and shouldn't be in a blog on, I thought I would add this little tidbit of information.  If you want to post something to your blog and don't want to appear on the main page, you need to scroll down to the "Advanced Options" and uncheck the "Include in Aggregated Site" checkbox.  This puts the entry into your blog, but doesn't put it out on the main page.

FYI, the "Advanced Options" is down at the bottom of the Edit Posts page.  You will need to click the down arrows to see the information (at least I do).


Travis said:

I wonder if the DB Pimps will still get the free copy with that unchecked. ;)
# January 16, 2006 11:14 AM