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February 2006 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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February 2006 - Posts

"Beginning AJAX with ASP.NET" is listed on Amazon

Hmm, do you think the picture of me is big enough? (just kidding)..........

If you are on my IM list, you probably know about the cover.  This is a place holder cover as it will have the other co-authors by the time the book ships

Vista 5308 in a VPC

I have no idea if this will work, but I am trying to install Windows Vista Build 5308 into a VPC image.  The first hurdle that I ran into is that the drive partition is not automatically recognized by Vista.  I rebooted my VPC session and on the second attempt, Vista recognized the partition.  More info to come.

Update #1:  Install completed.

Update #2:  Having a devil of a time getting IIS7 to install.


Look who is trying to get money for Web 2.0 and for what...........

I just about died when i read this the other day.

BellSouth is now spamming

Sorry to whine, but I just had to.

I just recieved an email from an invalid email address telling me that my local phone book is now online.  The email comes with an invalid return address.  I'm glad to see that BellSouth has stooped to the level of hiring someone else to spam for them.  I never signed up for this service.  Its also good to note that this email does not even meet the requirements of CANSPAM.  I'm glad to see that a major corporation, such as BellSouth, can stoop this low.

If you have had this happen to you, you might want to note that the return path in the email header is and the recieved from header shows the sending server as  When I got to their site, they list the BellSouth phone directory as one of their customers. 

BellSouth, you don't look so good for this.

What are the folks at Google smokin'?

I guess that Cheech and Chong have moved into the Googleplex

Businesses have been warned by research company Gartner that the latest Google Desktop Beta has an "unacceptable security risk," and Google agrees.

On Feb. 9, Google unveiled Google Desktop 3, a free, downloadable program that includes an option to let users search across multiple computers for files. To do that, the application automatically stores copies of files, for up to a month, on Google servers. From there, copies are transferred to the user's other computers for archiving. The data is encrypted in transmission and while stored on Google servers.

The risk to enterprises, according to Gartner, lies in how this shared information is pooled by Google. The data is transferred to a remote server, where it is stored and can then be shared between users for up to 30 days.

This feature needs to be pulled from the Google Desktop immediately.  It is an unaceptable security risk.  Stating that the users need to not turn the feature on is not acceptable.  End users do not have the technical knowledge to understand the ramifications of something like this. 

Google, pull this feature.

"AJAX with ASP.NET" book status update

This afternoon, I shipped off the final first draft chapter for our "AJAX with ASP.NET" book.  This was a chapter on Atlas.  While I don't consider my chapters to be final content worthy at this point, I have taken them as far as I can given the limited documentation, geat assistance from Wilco Bauwer, and help from everyone in the forums @  I realize that my chapters on Atlas will indeed change between now and final shipment of the book, however, this is a great momentary weight off my shoulders.


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INETA Speaker's Bureau
I have been selected to join the INETA speaker's bureau.  The request was a surprise.  It is an honor to have been asked.  Also joining are:
  • Robert Green.
  • Rich Hundhausen.
  • Scott Cate.
  • Sahil Malik.
  • Me (Wallace B. McClure).
Web.Services.AuthenticationServices in Atlas

So, I was talking the other day about the AuthenticationServices class in Atlas.  To get this working, you have to do a couple of things security wise.  At this point, it is definitely not something that you just drop in and start working on.

  • ScriptLibrary.  You need to allow the Atlas .js files to be readable by anonymous users.  If not, you can't call to authenticate.
  • ScriptServices/Microsoft/Web/Services/Standard folder.  This virtual folder needs to have its settings set to allow anonymous access or you can't hit the web service.
  • web.config.  I have found that the "master" web.config settings need to be supplemented by web.config files in the appropiate places.  Just adding a <location> tag in the master web.config does not seem to work for Rama and me.

I figure that these are just rough edges that will be smoothed out going forward.  After, the product is still pretty early on.

Also, thanks to Scott Forsyth for helping me with the security issues.  Scott is a great guy.


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Dwight Schrute(of the Office) Bobblehead doll - I Have Got To Get Me Some of This

My buddy David Silverlight, at, has started a petition to get the Dwight Schrute Bobblehead Doll.  The url is


Mix06 - I'll be there
Thanks to some clever re-arranging and some help from some friends, I'll be at Mix06.  If you are there, look me up.  I'll be hanging around anything to do with Atlas.
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