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Gym Again - Wallace B. McClure

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Gym Again

What is the deal with me?  I spent 1 full hour on the cross training machine today.  I've only had two off days all year.  This week, I have done 1 hour on Monday, 45 minutes on Tuesday, 50 minutes on Wednesday, and another hour on Thursday.  My regular schedule is to do 30 minutes per day on the weekdays and 45 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.  I guess that I am pumped from getting my chapter in on Monday.


Grant Holliday said:

Great effort Wally! I know how difficult it can be to talk oneself into going to the gym. (and how easy it can be to talk oneself out of)

Nothing like a good workout to clear the mind and get some ideas flowing.
# February 26, 2006 6:48 PM