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March 2006 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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March 2006 - Posts

Microsoft Atlas - Authentication Services

If you looking at MS Atlas's support for Authentication, you really need to check out this page over at

Microsoft Atlas Client-side Javascript Enumerations in the March CTP
It looks like enumerations have changed in the March CTP of Atlas.  To create an enumeration, you now call the Type.createEnum() method like below.  In this example, the EnumGBI is created.

    Type.createEnum("EnumGBI", "Good", 0, "Bad", 1, "Indifferent", 2);
    for (var strItems in EnumGBI.getValues())
        strOut += strItems + strReturn;

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Microsoft Atlas - Updating Validators to the March CTP (targetElement -> id)

I'm in the process of updating my Atlas code to use the March CTP of Atlas.  I just went through the validators.  It looks like you need to modify the xml-script to use the "id" attribute of the control to validate as oppossed to using the "targetElement" attribute for this.  I pulled some of my hair out over this, but its working now.  :-)


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ASP.NET Podcast Show #43 - All Wally, All the Time (1000th blog post)

ASP.NET Podcast site url:

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Show Notes:

  • Wally's 1000th Blog Entry
  • Where has Wally's blog been.
  • Erik Porter's idea.
  • Themes of the blog.
    • Scaling the web spider up.
    • Using it with Yukon.
    • .NET Whidbey and Yukon.
    • AJAX/Atlas.
    • Soon to start an IIS7 them.
  • April Fools Day Jokes.
  • I want your feedback!
  • More shows from Mix coming up.
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I'm part of the Hall of Fame

Ok, so I just saw that I had an email from  I am named to the Community-Credit Hall of Fame.  Wow, Thanks to David Silverlight, Joe Healy, and Russ Fustino for naming me.  Here is the official announcement.

Wally McClure named as our newest Hall of Famer

You may know him from his Podcasts. You may know him from his "Get more Wally in your life" T-Shirt. You may even know him from his various speaking engagements, some of which he has driven over 600 miles to speak at, all as part of a volunteer effort. Well, now you will now know him as the latest member of the Community Credit Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Wally!!! For the last several years, he has been contributing to the development community through books, user group meetings, CodeCamps, Podcasts and numerous other ways. This type of effort has always been strictly for the good of the development community so we are happy to recognize his efforts and contributions as our latest Community Credit Hall of Famer.


What rights do I get with this?  According to the site, I get the following rights.

What do Hall of Famers recieve?

The Hall of Famer Designation includes the following priceless benefits: Prestige... Bragging rights....A Stupid Gift.... A plaque to hang on their wall...A very cool "Hall of Famer" logo showing that they are in the hall of fame.

ASP.NET Podcast Show #42 - Brad Abrams

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Podcast Site:

Show Notes.

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Oracle ODP.NET and VS Tools for .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005
Oracle just release (last Friday) some ODP.NET and VS Tools for .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005.
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Preliminary approval for IIS7 book
It looks like we got preliminary approval for out IIS7 book.  This is good.  The book will be a mix of content for admins (mostly) and developers.  I'm looking forward to doing the developer oriented content.
Las Vegas pics

Here are some of my pictures from MIX06.  There aren't as many as in the Orlando Code Camp.

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Photo Gallery of the Orlando Code Camp

I just put up the Photo Gallery for the Orlando Code Camp.  Its at

Once again, I had a really great time.  Thanks to Russ, Joe, Jessica, and Shaun for allowing me to come and speak.    Thanks to everyone else that was involved and gave of their time to speak, volunteer, or just listen to me.

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