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July 2006 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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July 2006 - Posts

Not only are we on Amazon.....................
...........but we are featured on the front page.

I was checking out Amazon for something this evening and I found our "Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET" book on the front page.  Wow, I think this could be be big.

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Please buy a copy of the book.
ASP.NET Podcast Show #60 - Atlas UpdatePanel - Video Special

ASP.NET Podcast Url: 

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Grab a copy of the PPT File.

Grab a copy of the Example Files.

Show Notes:

  • What is the Microsoft Atlas UpdatePanel?
  • Simple UpdatePanel.
  • Dynamically adding an UpdatePanel.
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ASP.NET Podcast Show #59 - Julie Lerman

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Show Notes:
  • Star Trek/2.0 on G4.  Has the world gone "2.0 Mad"?
  • Book industry
    • Java is down and .NET is up.
    • AJAX has gone from nowhere to somewhere.
  • Jason Gaylord interviews Julie Lerman
  • Databinding.
    • Datalist.  Some interesting things that I found.
    • Editable Gridview.  Does this look right or should I be doing something different.  Please send me your feedback.
Get more Wally, Scott, Paul, and Craig (and Steve Smith our Tech Editor) on your bookshelf
The final cover for our "Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET" book is on Amazon.  You can pre-order it now.  Please buy 3 or 4 for the ones your love.

Personally, I think the first cover was the best....................

First cover:


Various thoughts

Exercise continues - Today was a big one.

New Home Network.

Intel Core Duo

IronPython Ships

If you are into Python for .NET, its shipping. 

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Charlotte - Atlas UG talk


Charlotte was great yesterday. It was my first official talk as a member of the Ineta Speaker's Bureau. Bill Jones, Jr, the UG leader there, told me to expect about 75, he produced 104 by my count, and I am not sure that I got everyone either. I talked for way too long, as usual, but I think everyone really enjoyed it. There were a lot of really good questions. I got back a bit after two last night.


Atlas talk in Charlotte on Tuesday 7/25

I will be speaking at the Enterprise Developer's Guild in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday 7/25.  I will be speaking on Microsoft Atlas.  My files are available here.

I'm really looking forward to it.  It's my first official talk as a member of the Ineta Speaker's Bureau.  I'm going to meet up with Scott Forsyth before hand an interview him for the ASP.NET Podcast.

At the talk, I will have some of the world famous ASP.NET Podcast tshirts as well as books on .NET 2.0 for door prizes. 


Do Ads belong in Desktop Software


Microsoft goes public with Zune 

After trying for years to compete with the iPod through an array of partners, Microsoft confirmed Friday that it plans to directly go after Apple Computer with its own rival, Zune.

Confirming weeks of rumors, Microsoft said it will launch music software and players under the Zune brand, though the software maker left plenty unsaid in its confirmation.

"Today we confirmed a new music and entertainment project called Zune," Chris Stephenson, a general manager of marketing for the software maker, said in a statement. "Under the Zune brand, we will deliver a family of hardware and software products, the first of which will be available this year."

Zune blog: 

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