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August 2006 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

Wallace B. McClure

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August 2006 - Posts

Prioritizing web service calls in Atlas

I came across this little nugget of information.  You can prioritize and batch web service calls using the alternative call syntax along with making some changes in the web.config and some XMLScript (aka AtlasScript). 

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Jacksonville, FL .NET User Group on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 - Atlas
I will be at the Jacksonville, FL .NET User Group on Wednesday, September 6, 2006.  I will be speaking on the subject of Microsoft Atlas.  I was unable to speak at their code camp this past week, however, this is part of my making it up for not being their for the code camp.
Microsoft Atlas Client Side Objects

As I have been working on a section on Complex Business Objects and Atlas, I ran across an interesting situation, which took me a while to figure out.  I have created a server side Animal object with three properties.  From a web client, I create an instance of the Animal object on the client.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of intellisense, I misspelled one of the properties on the client.  It was weird in that I appeared to be getting no error. Then it hit me.  I was getting an error, but merely "eating" it on the client and doing nothing with it.  I put in an error handler and there it was. 

The message was: "The type 'class name' does not have a public property or field name 'property name'.

I had figured that the system would ignore the incorrect property, but I am glad that it did not. The cool thing is that there is checking that happens on the server when an object gets sent back tot he server.  Cool.


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The Power of the Network

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from the Lower Alabama User Group.  Their speaker (Joe Healy in Tampa, FL) for Tuesday had to cancel due to the unknowns of Hurricane/TS Ernesto.  As a result, they were looking for a speaker.  I got an email about five minutes later from someone else regarding the same subject.  Within about an hour, we were able to get not one but two people that could go and talk.  Both Greg Young and Keith Elder said that they could make the trip.  It ends up that Keith will be going, but its great that Greg stepped up quickly also!

I hope all of the .NET folks in Florida don't take on too much water. 

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"Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET" For Sale on Amazon

Link to our book on Amazon

Our "Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET" book is now for sale on Amazon.  Please buy 3 or 4 for the ones you love.

Appologies for the spamminess of my continual postings on the subject.  Writing a book is very painful for me, so getting one finished is a major accomplishment for me.  I am really happy to have worked with Paul Glavich, Scott Cate, Craig Shoemaker, Steve Smith, and the folks at Wiley on getting this accomplished.

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Technical / Source Code Posts
Honestly, I have been a little bit nervous over the last 18 months on doing a lot of "source code" postings where I demo some highly technical stuff. My concern has been that I am somehow violating my writing contract in some way. I had a good talk with my publisher last week and I found that there is very little chance of my violating anything unless I just did a strict cut-n-paste from my electronic copies to my blog. As a result, I'll have more technical "source code" postings starting back up. Afterall, source is where it is at.
I must be doing something right with the podcast - Phil Winstanley does a skit about me

I must be doing something right.  Phil Winstanley has done a skit on me.  Here it is:

Update: Apologies, I'm not sure why this is appearing on the front page.

I have some copies of "Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET"

With the image of Steve Martin running through the office screaming the new phone books are here, the new phone books are here, I wanted to show off that I actually have some copies of our "Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET" book. Please buy some copies for the ones you love.

Internet Explorer (IE) Version 7 Release Candidate 1 is now online

Just a little info that IE7 RC1 is now online at:


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ASP.NET Podcast Interviews from TechEd Australia - Eric Deily & George Moore

Paul continues on his interviews at TechEd Australia.  Today, he has:

Click on their names to get the podcast.  Enjoy

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