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November 2006 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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November 2006 - Posts

What's the best type of TSql/CLR Integration in Sql Server 2005

One of the questions that came up when I was in South Bend is what is the best way to use CLR Objects?  Assuming that your solution needs a CLR Object, should you use a Dataset, Generic List (what I tend to show), or a TSQL/CLR integrated solution.  Honestly, I don't have an answer to that question, right now.  However, I should have something in a couple of days.  I have just completed writing the three scenarios that I have.  I am going to do some testing and I will be posting my findings after I complete my testing.

Hint: I am seeing a difference in the speed depending on how I structure things. 

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ASP.NET Podcast Site has been updated

After watching my beloved Georgia Tech Ramblin' Wreck have a train wreck against Georgia, I started on updating the site for the ASP.NET Podcast from Community Server 1.1 all the way upto CS2.1.  The site is updated and appears to be properly working now.  Thanks to the folks at Orcsweb for their help in backing up my database. 

I ran into two issues during the upgrade.  These are:

  • I forgot to test pictures.  As a result, pictures were not working correctly.  I had to upload my backup from the storage and cache directories.  Once I did that, the problems went away with images not displaying correctly.
  • I wanted to add some advertisements to the site.  Wow, this was much more complicated than I thought.  Working with David Silverlight(many thanks to him), we finally figured out a way to do it that meet my needs and in turn, it helped him figure out some thing that he could do for his Community Credit site.

I still need to get email up and going on the site, but all of this stuff is a work in progress.  :-)


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Jim Minatel on Plagarism

Original post:

Jim Minatel of Wiley has a good post on plagarism.  It is at  His post is built on Nicholas Zacharias' post at  The bottom line is that it is important to not read someone else's work when you are working on the same subject.  I remember a couple of years ago, I was talking to Bob Beachemin.  We were talking about Sql Server CLR Objects.  he offered to send me a copy of his book on Sql Server Yukon beta2.  While I have always appreciated it, I told him at the time it was probably not a good idea because I was working on our ADO.NET book and specifically the part on Sql Server CLR Objects. 

So, the bottom line is that I agree with Jim 100% on his statements.

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Fixed the video links...........arg

This link isn't meant foir the front page............

 Anyway, I was in a big hurry on Monday and did not check my links for the podcast web site.  Of course, I screwed them up.  Anyway, the are fixed now.  No more 404 errors (I hope).


ASP.NET Podcast Show #77 - Microsoft AJAX Library Beta 2 with Web Services

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Show Notes:

  • Microsoft AJAX.
  • Script Manager.
  • Web Services.
  • Calling from the client.
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ASP.NET Podcast Show #76 - Paul interviews Scott Guthrie
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Show Notes:
  • Atlas/ASP.NET AJAX - accessibility/control toolkit future plans
  • WPF/E - What and when? Flash Competition
  • Windows Workflow
  • Windows Cardspace
  • Blinq, Script# - Microsoft thoughts on these products
  • Visual Studio SP1 - When?
My son showed my  This is so cool.  You draw lines and then ride the lines.  This is so wild.
Ohio State vs. Michigan II - I want a rematch
That was a pretty good game on Saturday.  It was so good, I want a rematch.
It is now that week, Hate Georgia (UGA) NOW!

With Georgia Tech's 49-21 victory over Duke, its now Georgia Week.  Beat the rush, Hate Georgia Now! 

This year, the game will be in Athens.  Tech's last football victory over UGA was in Athen's in 2000.  George Godsey ran 27 yards for the game's first score on an option play.  The funny part of it was that Godsey was not very fleet of foot so no one covered him as he ran the option.  This was Jim Donnan's last game as the coach of Georgia.  He was officially fired on the Monday morning, but word has it that the axe started to fall at halftime as GT opened up a 27-3 lead.  Since that game, Mark Richt, the new head coach at Georgia, has owned Georgia Tech by going 5-0 against the Jackets.  Hopefully, Reggie Ball, Calvin Johnson, and Tashard Choice can lead Tech to victory this year.

Greg Beamer and the DaVinci Code

My buddy Greg Beamer has authored a free ebook on the DaVinci code.

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