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Lori McKinney jingle from Huntsville - Wallace B. McClure

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Lori McKinney jingle from Huntsville

Lori sent me this jingle that was published in the Huntsville .NET / VS.NET mailing list.  I wish she would sing it for the podcast.

  Oh there's no user groups quite like Huntsville has,
  VS NET, IT Pro, or Office fan,
  If you pine for geek fellowship or techno-talk,
  We get that in Rocket City, Alabam'
  We've had two speakers come from Tennessee, Ron C. and Wally M.,
  plus Greg Y., Marks B. and D. from north G-A,
  Russ F. and Joe and Blain came traveling up from Tampa's sunny shore,
  TechNet John came up from Texas, DE Doug did not neglect us.
  From the east coast, INETA Rock Stars Brian, Julie and Miguel,
  Up from Texas, Chris, and Russ from bright LA, (plus Wally M.)
  We so appreciate your insights and your coming all this way,
  From Atlantic to Pacific, thanks folks, you were all terrific.
  As for our locals, five guys stepped up, ably handling meeting chores,
  Thanks to Josh for January's launch event
  And then to Ben, Kevin and Eric and to Rodney, thanks again,
  With pride in them I'll be vocal, they're great talents right here local.
  Thanks to Todd M. who drove from Birmingham and Andrew from Mobile,
  Thanks to all who came to talk at Code Camp, too,
  The guys from CLS and Compuware and all the volunteers
  who taught folks from Valley Garden, our success, you've had a part in.
  As always, thank you goes to Intergraph for giving meeting space,
  and to Dominos and Pepsi for the nosh
  Thanks telerik, ADTran, CODE Magazine, VS Net Pro, and more
  Culminis and our INETA, your support could not be better!
  (final chorus)
  Since there's no place like home, we'll not meet this month,
  Happy Holidays, best wishes for next year
  Hope to see you all soon and together find
  that we'll all be running Vista on new gear!


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