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April 2007 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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April 2007 - Posts

.NET Framework for the Mac?

It would seem to me that the ability to write C# and VB.NET code that runs in Silverlight and on the Safari Web Browser on the Mac means that we just might see a full .NET Framework for the Mac sometime in the future.  Yes, I know about Rotor, but I mean something that is supplied and supported by Microsoft and runs on the Mac.  It would pretty much mean that .NET would win the front end client war again.  We would have Microsoft's APIs on Windows (obviously) and the Mac.  Realistically, there aren't any other front ends out there as the two of them are at least 90% and probably 95% of the front end desktop marketplace.  Thoughts?

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May Futures CTP for ASP.NET AJAX - Get it while its HOT

Sweet, there is an update Futures CTP.  The download is over 50 MB, so I assume that there is documentation included with it. 

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Overview (from the MS download page):

The Microsoft ASP.NET Futures May 2007 (“Futures”) release contains an early developer preview of features providing a wide range of new functionality for both ASP.NET and Silverlight™. The functionality in the Futures release includes early experimental versions of features currently being considered for future versions of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. The Futures releases assume prior knowledge of the core features of ASP.NET including the previous ASP.NET AJAX Futures January CTP.

Features in this release include ASP.NET Silverlight server controls, new functionality for ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, dynamic data controls, enhancements to dynamic languages, and more.

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Using the ListView with VS.NET Orcas Beta1
If you have tried the new grid control (ListView) in Visual Studio .NET Orcas Beta1, you may have noticed that the control has to be registered within the page.  To get around this, I had to do two things:
  • Register the System.Web.Extensions assembly with the project.  Apparently, this assembly is not registered with the projects by default.
  • Add the <add tagPrefix="asp" namespace="System.Web.UI.WebControls" assembly="System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" /> entry to the pages -> controls section of the web.config file.  Once I did these two items, I got my intellisense and I didn't have to worry with the registration commands on every page.
Our new books..............

We have some new new books coming out.  Here they are:

In the WTF Series: 

Cloning book:

 From the Beginning Narcissism line:

From the Professional Narcissism line:

and the Aussie version of AJAX books:


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Polymorphic Podcast

Craig Shoemaker over at Polymorphic Podcast is doing some recent shows on MV patterns.  Check them out at:

Which Book Cover is Better?

So, I get this email from the publisher this morning regardign book covers.  I need your feedback ASAP.  Which book cover do you prefer for our upcoming book?  Just put some feedback in and we will tally the results later.

Proposed Cover

- or -

Original Cover

Hmm, this is a tough choice for me..............

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The new phonebooks are here, the new phone books are here.......An updated copy of our Beginning ASP.NET AJAX Book Cover is here!!!!

Book Cover

Please buy 3 or 4 copies for the ones your love.  They make great gifts.  After all, think of the children.

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ASP.NET Podcast Show #90 - Orcas Beta1 Intellisense and Debugging of Web Services and AJAX - video

While this show sounds similar to the previous show, it isn't.  The previous show was just about improved Intellisense and Debugging of JavaScript.  This show is about Visual Studio .NET Orcas Beta1 support for Intellisense and Debugging of Web Services with AJAX.

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Original Url:

View in Flash

Download WMV

Show Notes:

  • Web Services.
  • Intellisense of Web Services on the client.
  • Debugging support on the client to the server and then back to the client.
  • Adding References to a .js JavaScript file.
One cool thing about JavaScript Intellisense in Orcas - It just works
One of the cool things I am finding about the JavaScript Intellisense support in Orcas is that it just works.  You don't have to add any of the document comments to get support for JavaScript Intellisense.  It just works without the document comments.  I like that.  I thought that it would have been necessary to do some other things to wire this up, but it wasn't necessary.
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Visual Studio Orcas Beta1 Feedback Forums

If you want to provide some feedback on Visual Studio Orcas, check out the following forums:

Visual Studio Express: 

Visual Studio: 

Hmm, I don't know about feedback on features besides Visual Studio, but this would seem like a good place to start.  Thanks guys.

Update: There are also a series of forums at MSDN.  The url is

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