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February 2009 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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February 2009 - Posts

ASP.NET Podcast Show #136 - Rachel Appel on Dynamic Data

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Show Notes:

PS. Apologies for the delay as I have been sick and concentrating on other things.
ASP.NET Podcast Show #135 - Development Methodologies as Religion

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Show Notes:

  • Superbowl, football, Cowboys (you have got to be kidding me).
  • Refactoring, TDD, and the great religious debates of software systems.
  • Coaching systems. Great Players make Great Coaches. Systems need to be molded to players.  Don't force one size fits all.
  • Ok, I feel better now.
PS. Apologies for the late posting.
Atlanta Cloud Computing User Group Tonight

Appologies for the late notice, but I did want to make you aware, that I am speaking at the Atlanta Cloud Computing User Group tonight at 7 pm.  The subject is an introduction to Windows Azure.  It will be at the ATDC on Fifth Street.  I hope to see you there.

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