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  • My MonoTouch ebook is out - Build iPhone apps with C# and run on the iPhone


    My MonoTouch ebook is out.

    This Wrox Blox is for .NET developers who want to learn to develop for the iPhone with C# using MonoTouch and MonoDevelop on the Mac. The iPhone is the smartphone leader in mindshare and the amount of money spent on applications. This lead in money spent on applications is expected to grow over the next several years. Objective-C is the native language for iPhone development. .NET developers, who work in the largest general area of development frameworks, have looked at iPhone developers with a great deal of envy. But with the release of MonoTouch, .NET/C# developers can apply their knowledge to iPhone development. This Wrox Blox will provide you with the basics of development on the iPhone with MonoTouch and MonoDevelop. 

    Table of Contents

    iPhone Requirements 2

    Development Strategies 3

    Web Development with ASP.NET 3

    MonoDevelop and MonoTouch 4

    Visual Studio .NET ‚ě™MonoDevelop 4

    Classes in MonoTouch 4

    What Is MonoTouch? 4

    Namespaces and Classes 5

    Introduction to Development on the Mac with MonoDevelop 6

    Interface Builder 8

    Outlets 10

    Actions 14

    Deploying to an iPhone 15

    Mapping 17

    MKMapView 17

    The Application 18

    Annotating the Map 20

    Debugging 21

    Interacting with Other Applications 22

    UIPicker 22

    NSUrl 24

    UIAlertView 26

    UITableView 26

    DataSource 27

    Binding Data to a UITableView 29

    Customizing UITableView 30

    Accelerometer 33

    Settings 34

    Things to Watch Out For 37

    Resources Used 38

    About Wallace B. McClure 39


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