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February 2010 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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February 2010 - Posts

Universal iPhone/iPad Apps?

The article at

The article talks about a universal application binary format.  I take it that this means that it will be possible to include a native executable for the iPhone and iPad in on package.  That's pretty cool if it happens.


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CodeStock 2010 - Call for Speakers

Mark your calendar, CodeStock 2010 will be June 25-26, 2010.  This year we are moving to a bigger and better location, the University of Tennessee Convention Center in downtown Knoxville, TN.   There will also be some events held at the historic Bijou Theater, also located in downtown Knoxville.

What is there in store for this year’s CodeStock?  We will continue to hold several developer focused sessions for developers of all skill levels across many languages and platforms.  The CodeStock tradition of excellent Open Spaces along side tradition session format will return, and benefit greatly from our new venue’s layout. 

We are expanding the scope of the conference to include two new tracks – IT Pro and Entrepreneur.  The IT Pro track will be filled with sessions server, database, and network administrators.  The Entrepreneur track will be made up of sessions around founding a technology startup or running a technology company.  We held a few Entrepreneur sessions at CodeStock 2009 and based on feedback it’s clear you want more!

CodeStock is a community event, and in addition to the volunteers who organize the details there are the real heroes of CodeStock: The Speakers.  Without speakers CodeStock would be… well, a 600 person lunch.  Speakers are the ones who bring great content to CodeStock, and we are looking for speakers now for CodeStock 2010.

The CodeStock “Call for Speakers” information can be found at  Call for speakers is currently open, and will close after February 28, 2010 (you must complete all submissions before March 1, 2010).  If you are not a season veteran of technology don’t worry – as long as you are passionate about a topic you want to share your qualified to be a speaker.  Attendees will again vote this year on sessions, so if you have some topic you are not sure about you can submit them to see what others think.

CodeStock 2010 registrations will open in early March, 2010.  You can stay up to date on all things CodeStock by following us on twitter (, and subscribing to our RSS News feed at

Developing for the Apple iPad in .NET

If you are in the technology field, or within the listening range of modern media, you've heard of the Apple iPad.  The fact that it runs an updated version of the Apple iPhone OS is a big plus if you are looking to do development on the platform.  I've already received a bunch of emails about this, so I wanted to share what you can do to do develop on the platform right now.

First, make sure you mac is running Mac OS 10.6.2.  Next, go get the Apple iPhone SDK 3.2 from the apple developer site. This is beta, so expect updates to it.  Now, go get MonoDevelop Version 2.2.1 for the Mac.  Finally, go get a copy of MonoTouch 1.4.7 (or most recent version).  Once everything is installed, go into MonoDevelop and go to Help -> Updates and check for updates on the experimental channel.  You should find MonoTouch 1.9 alpha.  Download and install it.  Now, you should have everything you need.  From here, you can create an iPhone application with .NET.  This is the same as it is with the shipping versions.  If you look at creating a new solution, you can create an iPad Solution.  Starting and debugging an application brings up the iPad simulator.  Very nice indeed.

Do you care about performance? - .NET Performance Testing and Optimization

My buddy Paul Glavich has written a book on how to optimize performance in an .NET application.  Well done Paul!!!!!!!!

In this complete guide to performance profiling, Paul Glavich and Chris Farrell explain why performance testing is a good idea and walk you through everything you need to know to set up a test environment. This comprehensive guide to getting started is an essential handbook to any programmer looking to set up a .NET testing environment and get the best results out of it. Download your free copy now.

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