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Developing for the Apple iPad in .NET - Wallace B. McClure

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Developing for the Apple iPad in .NET

If you are in the technology field, or within the listening range of modern media, you've heard of the Apple iPad.  The fact that it runs an updated version of the Apple iPhone OS is a big plus if you are looking to do development on the platform.  I've already received a bunch of emails about this, so I wanted to share what you can do to do develop on the platform right now.

First, make sure you mac is running Mac OS 10.6.2.  Next, go get the Apple iPhone SDK 3.2 from the apple developer site. This is beta, so expect updates to it.  Now, go get MonoDevelop Version 2.2.1 for the Mac.  Finally, go get a copy of MonoTouch 1.4.7 (or most recent version).  Once everything is installed, go into MonoDevelop and go to Help -> Updates and check for updates on the experimental channel.  You should find MonoTouch 1.9 alpha.  Download and install it.  Now, you should have everything you need.  From here, you can create an iPhone application with .NET.  This is the same as it is with the shipping versions.  If you look at creating a new solution, you can create an iPad Solution.  Starting and debugging an application brings up the iPad simulator.  Very nice indeed.


dcgate said:

i cannot get the login to work with the ipad. it never treats the user as logged in.

# January 26, 2011 2:40 PM