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Mobile Connections in Las Vegas April 17-21 - Wallace B. McClure

Wallace B. McClure

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Mobile Connections in Las Vegas April 17-21

I'll be speaking at Mobile Connections in Las Vegas.  The event is April 17-21.  The event is a cross platform mobile event.  There will be sessions on iOS, Android, WP7, Blackberry, and cross platform tools.  The sessions I am speaking on are:

Introduction to Android via MonoDroid:
This session will introduce writing native applications geared for the Android Platform based on .NET/C#/Mono. We’ll examine the overall architecture of MonoDroid, discuss how it integrates with Visual Studio, debug with MonoDroid, and look at a couple of example apps written with MonoDroid. This session is targeted to the .NET developer who wants to move to the Android mobile platform. While the session will be introductory for the Android platform, it will be intermediate/expert for those on the .NET platform.

Web Development with HTML5 to target Android, iOS, iPad
This session will examine the features of the mobile browser, and how developers can leverage it to build applications that target mobile devices. This session is for developers looking to target Android, iPhone, WebKit based devices, and other devices through the mobile web with the same application code, development managers looking to Android, iPhone, WebKit based devices, and other devices through the mobile web with the same application code, and developers and development managers looking to build mobile web apps for devices that look like native apps. Attendees will be able to immediately begin building web applications that target the Android and iPhone platforms. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Easy cross platform development
  • No requirement to learn Objective-C/Xcode or Java/Eclipse
  • Applications are immediately upgradeable. There is no requirement to go through the Marketplace or Appstore of either platform.
  • Web developers are easier to find than Objective-C, Blackberry, WebOS, or Java programmer
You can register for the event and get $100 off via this link.


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