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Bundle identifier on iOS with MonoTouch - Wallace B. McClure

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Bundle identifier on iOS with MonoTouch

So, I found a couple of issues in developing with MonoTouch that I need to be aware of.  These are:

  • Spaces.  Don't have spaces in the project name.  Spaces are bad.  I've heard that this is fixed with 3.2.4 of MonoTouch.  Unfortunately, I tend to think that I have lots of user errors.
  • If you get an error about a bundle identifier not being specified for the provisioning package, or words along those line, you need to specify a bundle identifier.  This is done with this.


Vivek said:

Thanks for the tip. I recently got your book and finally started on my first app. Although I was able to successfully deploy the app to my iPod Touch, I did get a MonoDevelop (2.8.5) warning: "Project does not have bundle identifier specified."  Your tip gets me half way there.  I am not sure what exactly I need to enter in the "Identifier" field; is it tied to my Apple Dev Account.  The reason I ask is given the Apple "police-state" strictures, I don't want to put the wrong thing and then have them cite me for a violation.  Thanks in advance for any help I can get.

# December 23, 2011 12:49 PM