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February 2011 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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February 2011 - Posts

Passing values between Activities using MonoDroid

Been doing some work in MonoDroid and found that I needed to pass a user entered value from on Activity to another Activity in MonoDroid.  Here's how I did it.

In my sending Activity, I need to take some user user entered data and send it to my second activity.  Here is the code:

            string UserId = Convert.ToString(et.Text);
            if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(UserId))
                Intent i = new Intent();
                i.PutExtra("TwitterId", UserId);

 In this code, I have called .PutExtra and  passed it with a key.  In this case, I am passing a Twitter id.  In the code that is receiving the data, the code to retrieve the Twitter id is:

string twitterId = Intent.GetStringExtra("TwitterId"); 
The call to GetStringExtra() returns the value passed on the key.
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iPhone Programming with MonoTouch article in DevConnections Magazine - April, 2011

As an FYI, my article on iPhone Programming with MonoTouch for DevConnections magazine has been submitted and edited.  I'm really excited about this.  It will coincide with my presentations at Mobile Connections in Las Vegas in April, 2011.  If you are coming to Mobile Connections, please look me up while you are there, I'd love to meet you and discuss mobile technologies.

In the meantime, check out our book on MonoTouch.
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MonoDroid Article in Visual Studio Magazine

The February edition of Visual Studio magazine is now online.  In it, my article regarding MonoDroid, the implementation of C# and .NET for Android devices, is online.  I can't thank Michael Desmond enough for the opportunity.  Its fitting now that Android is the most popular smartphone platform.  This article is available online at:

Along with the article, check out this short video that I did regarding MonoDroid on the Mac.

The article(s) were written based on MonoDroid Preview 9.1, so there are a few updates necessary, but I think this gets the basics out.  I hope you enjoy the article(s).

And yes, we're still working on our book on MonoDroid.  I've got a great author group and am excited about the book.

If you get a chance, come to AnDevCon in San Francisco in March.  I'll be presenting on MonoDroid there.

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