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March 2011 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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March 2011 - Posts

Turn-By-Turn Driving Directions in Android with Mono for Android (MonoDroid)
I needed to open some turn-by-turn directions in Android.  I did the following with Mono for Android, and this code worked:

                    String url = String.Format("{0},{1}&daddr={2}", lat, lon, dAddr);

                    Intent intent = new Intent(Android.Content.Intent.ActionView, Android.Net.Uri.Parse(url));


 In this code, I needed to get some directions from the current latitude and longitude.
My article on iPhone & iPad Programming for .NET/C# Developers with MonoTouch has been published
My article on iPhone & iPad Programming for .NET/C# Developers with MonoTouch has been published in the April, 2011 issue of DevPro Connections.  I hope you enjoy it.
Mobile Connections - Las Vegas, NV - April 17-21

I'll be speaking at Mobile Connections in Las Vegas, NV. I'll be speaking on:

  • Programming Android with MonoDroid.
  • Mobile Web Apps with HTML5.
If you are there, please look me up.
HTML5 Presentation from AnDevCon using ASP.NET Web Pages and Razor

Here is my presentation on HTML5 Applications from AnDevCon.

I hope you enjoy the source and the pptx file.  It has info about:

  • ASP.NET Web Pages.
  • Razor.
  • jQuery.
  • jQuery Mobile.
Code Project Mobile Virtual Conference with MonoDroid

I'm speaking on Wednesday at the Code Project Mobile Virtual Conference on the subject of Android Programming for .NET/C# Developers with MonoDroid.  Check it out, I think its free.  Hopefully, you'll find this helpful in your mobile pursuits.

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