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February 2013 - Posts - Wallace B. McClure

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February 2013 - Posts

MonoTouch Training Course now online: iOS 6 PassKit Coding and Events


Course Description: So what is a PassKit, this course will introduce you to the PassKit , the types there are, the file structure, security and other items. Next you‘ll be shown how to create a PassKit manually with such things as provisioning, KeyChain access and other items. Then you will learn about coding for a Pass, including complain applications, classes, list of passes to name a few items that will be covered. Next you will learn about reminders and events. You’ll see the EventStore, Enumerate Calendars, create an event, and create a reminder, running a query plus more.

1+ hours of media runtime

PassKit Intro

  • PassKit Agenda
  • What is PassKit
  • PassKit Ecosystem
  • What is a Pass
  • Types of Passes
  • File Structure
  • Pass.json File
  • Barcodes
  • Relevancy
  • Localization
  • Security
  • Passbook
  • Getting Passes into Passbook

Manually Create a PassKit

  • Create a Pass Manually
  • Provisioning
  • Created
  • Certificate Signing Request
  • KeyChain Access
  • Certificate Request
  • Pass Certificate Created
  • Download
  • Build the Signpass Utility
  • Must Update
  • Run the Signpass Utility
  • Manifest.json Output
  • End Result
  • Resources


  • Companion Applications
  • Passes and MonoDevelop
  • Classes
  • Check Passbook Availability
  • Pass Library Instance
  • List of Passes
  • Displaying a Pass
  • Loading a Pass From a File
  • Replace an Existing Pass
  • Editing a Pass
  • Receiving Change Notifications
  • Resource
  • Demo: Passes
  • Demo: Pass Code

Reminders and EventKit

  • Agenda
  • EventStore
  • Accessibility
  • Requesting Access
  • Objects
  • Enumerate Calendars
  • Add or Modify an Event
  • Create an Event
  • Create a Reminder
  • Retrieve an Event
  • Retrieve a Reminder
  • Deleting an Event
  • Search for Events
  • Search for Reminders
  • Demo: EventKit
  • Demo: Reminders
  • Demo: Running a Query
  • Resources
iOS6 for .NET & C# Developers with MonoTouch - New UI Controls


Course Description: The User Interface (UI) has become a very important part of any application. This course will cover application UI in iOS 6. You will see the UI refresh control and how to have the UI refresh in an application. Then you will look at UI collection view and how work with data, cells and other items. Then the course will cover layout and display. You will see section inset, sub classing layouts and how to create linear and circular layouts.

1+ hours of media runtime

User Interface

UI Refresh Control

  • Pull to Refresh
  • UI Refresh Control
  • Begin/End Refreshing
  • Other Members
  • What About iOS5?
  • Demo: iOS6 UI Refresh Control
  • Demo: iOS5 UI Refresh

UI Collection View

  • UI Collection View
  • Data
  • UI Collection View Cell
  • Cells
  • Supplementary Views
  • Decoration Views
  • Delegate
  • Cell Highlighting
  • Disabling Selection
  • Cell Menus
  • Demo: UI Collection View

Layout and Display

  • Layouts
  • Section Inset
  • Subclassing Layouts
  • UI Collection View Flow Layout
  • Custom Layouts
  • Demo: Linear Layout
  • Demo: Circular Layout
  • Key Takeaway
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