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Build a Cross-Platform, Mobile Golf App Using C# and Xamarin - MSDN Magazine Article
One of the fun things about the return of golf season is participating in tournaments that feature events such as a longest drive contest. In these, a person’s first shot off a designated hole is measured against others in the tournament. The longest...
CodeCast Episode #2 - Talkin' 'bout Xamarin
I was honored to have been on CodeCast Episode #2 . While there, I talked about my past, how I got into programming, and the decision tree that led me to use Xamarin's technologies. After those discussions, I did a demo on oAuth authentication to Twitter...
Article - How to Advance Your Software Development Career: Sharpen Your "Soft" Business Skills
Original Url: Many developers get into technology careers because they like to write code. However, as you progress in your career...
Article - Xamarin How-To: Controls for Navigating Between Screens in iOS
Article Url: Developers like to create simple examples. Typically, these examples are a screen of data and controls that users can work with. But rarely are real-world applications...
Training on Xamarin.iOS with iOS 7: Introduction and Features
I have a new training class out on using Xamarin.iOS with iOS 7 (iPhone and iPad). This training class will introduce you to iOS 7. Personally, my favorite features are iBeacons. I hope that you all the new iOS 7 features as much as I do. Url: http:/...
Training on Xamarin Visual Studio 2013 Plugin, .NET 4.5 async/await Support, HttpClient, and other New Features
I have a new training class out on Xamarin. This session will cover the new features that Xamarin has provided in their mid-2013 update. These new features include support for iOS 7 (iPhone and iPad), but don't require iOS7. I hope you enjoy this class...
Marketing for Software Developers
Here is an article that I wrote for Dev Pro Connections regarding marketing for software developers: We technologists are always looking for a better way to do...
Posted: Jan 23 2014, 07:33 PM by Wallym | with no comments
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The Business of Software Development
Link: Welcome to Dev Pro 's article series about the business of software development and technology! The topic of this series, business development...
Posted: Jan 09 2014, 09:54 AM by Wallym | with no comments
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Mobile Web HTML5 Training with jQuery Mobile - January 28, 2014
Link: Mobile development is a hot item. Customers are buying iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and many other mobile computing devices at an ever increasing record...
Posted: Jan 06 2014, 09:15 AM by Wallym | with 1 comment(s)
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#5 Article in Visual Studio Magazine for 2013
Greg Shackles and I write the Cross Platform in C# column for Visual Studio Magazine. This column started in January 2012 with an email from Keith Ward regarding my interest in a monthly column on what was then called Mono for Android. He had seen several...
Posted: Dec 28 2013, 03:19 PM by Wallym | with no comments
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