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Diet and Physical Fitness - Wallace B. McClure

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Now, its time for some time off.............
I've been to the gym and worked out 3 weeks in a row, thats 21 days in a row for most of us. Friday May 12 th will be an off day. Saturday May 13 th might be an off day. Did i mention that I am tired...........
Tomorrow is my last gym day before some off time
Tomorrow (Thursday May 11 th ) will be my last day in the gym bfore some offtime. I've gone everyday for 3 weeks in a row. Friday (May 12th) will be my first off day in a while. I may take off Saturday, it just depends. I need to be in there working hard...
Work out regime continues
After working out every day during the whole month of February, I finally took a day off on Friday March 3. After that, it was solid for two more weeks. While I was in Las Vegas, I was really slack. I only worked out for 2 out of the 5 days we were there...
Workout regime continues............
Ok, I finally took a day off from working out on March 3, 2006. This was 30 days in a row since my last off day. Don't worry, I don't do weight lifting any more. I spend 30-45 minutes on an aerobic machine each time. Its not quite as physically demanding...
Gym Again
What is the deal with me? I spent 1 full hour on the cross training machine today. I've only had two off days all year. This week, I have done 1 hour on Monday, 45 minutes on Tuesday, 50 minutes on Wednesday, and another hour on Thursday. My regular schedule...
Hit the Gym bigtime today
I hti the gym bigtime today. I shipped off the first draft of my final chapter for my book and decided to go to the gym. I was so excited over having shipped the chapter off, that I spent a full 60 minutes on the crosstraining machine. My tshirt was soaked...
Workout regime the last 10 days or so
I was in Atlanta helping my business partner January 2 nd - 5 th . He made a crack that he thought I was gaining weight. Geez, I only work out 6+ days per week for 30-45 minutes on the cross-training machines. However, he is probably right. Since I got...
Four Years ago Today!
Four years ago, I started my journey to being healthier. I've lost about 35 pounds since then.
Non Technical - One negative effect of physical fitness
Yesterday, I went to buy a new suit, the first in something like ten years. I was measured for a jacket first. The guy looked at me and basically said "I will be hard to find something for you in the off the rack area." The problem is that my waist is...
Working out this weenend and Golf on 4/12
Man, I was horrible in golf on saturday. It rained every day this week leading up to Saturday. The course looked more like a mud hole than a golf course. I feel luck to have had a 94 due to the horrificly muddy conditions. I'll do better this next weekend...
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