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All About Wally McClure - The musings of Wallym on Web, HTML5, Mobile, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Windows Azure.


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Training on Xamarin.iOS with iOS 7: Introduction and Features
I have a new training class out on using Xamarin.iOS with iOS 7 (iPhone and iPad). This training class will introduce you to iOS 7. Personally, my favorite features are iBeacons. I hope that you all the new iOS 7 features as much as I do. Url: http:/...
Training on Xamarin Visual Studio 2013 Plugin, .NET 4.5 async/await Support, HttpClient, and other New Features
I have a new training class out on Xamarin. This session will cover the new features that Xamarin has provided in their mid-2013 update. These new features include support for iOS 7 (iPhone and iPad), but don't require iOS7. I hope you enjoy this class...
You MUST be Cross Platform
Visual Studio Magazine just posted on their site that Android will ship in One Billion devices in 2014 . The article is based on the following report from Gartner . The key takeaway is that we no longer live in a "Windows World." There are devices of...
Take Advantage of iOS 7's New Features
Link: On Sept. 18, Apple formally began distributing iOS 7 to users. Within one month, iOS 7 was running on 69.3 percent of iOS devices, according to app monitoring...
Building Native User Interfaces is the Right Way To Build Cross Platform Style Apps
I hear a few developers getting down on Xamarin because they are required to: Create different projects for the various mobile platforms that they want to target. Learn the particulars of a given platform, or as I term them, the “isms.” Interestingly...
MonoDroid Article in Visual Studio Magazine
The February edition of Visual Studio magazine is now online. In it, my article regarding MonoDroid, the implementation of C# and .NET for Android devices, is online. I can't thank Michael Desmond enough for the opportunity. Its fitting now that Android...
Load testing updates - Rob, I feel your pain
I just wanted to throw my two cents in on this subject of load testing updates to highly trafficed sites. Before a falling out with a customer over contractual issues, we...
ASP.NET Podcast Show #89 - JavaScript Intellisense and Debugging in Orcas - Video File
Subscribe Original URL: Download WMV. View In Flash Show Notes: Orcas Beta 1. Javascript Intellisense...
Advanced Intellect and Dave Wanta
I wanted to give a shout out of thanks to Dave Wanta and Advanced Intellect . Dave has written a component called AspNetEmail. You may be asking yourself, "Email is built into .NET, so what?" Well, getting calendaring done is kindof a pain....
Microsoft Robotics Studio
Wow, I did not even know that this existed. Microsoft has released a 1.0 of the Microsoft Robotics Studio. It looks like they can connect up and program against a variety of these small robotic toys. Hmm, wonder what I will be getting my kids for Christmas...
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